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Attleboro, Massachusetts

Saturday, March 29, 2008

This was a special presentation of the new ZR1
by Kirk Bennion, Chief Exterior Designer.


Leaving home. I picked up Fern Gravel in Portland and met up with Mark Collins,
Pres. of Gate City Corvette Club, on I-95 in Newton MA.

The roads in Maine and upper MA were wet, only because of a liberal dash of salt!
08_3008w.jpg (214252 bytes)
  08_3009w.jpg (214648 bytes)

We arrived well before the first presentation @ 10:00. Good thing: I was able
to help Kirk and Museum Curator Chuck Tramontana get the laptop
to talk to the projector.

08_3011w.jpg (94537 bytes)

Kirk brought some ZR1 development mockup pieces for a silent auction
to benefit the National Corvette Museum.

08_3012w.jpg (102386 bytes)
  08_3015w.jpg (111675 bytes)

This was the actual car that was first seen at the Detroit Auto Show in January.
It was voted "Best In Show". I LOVE the "Cyber Gray" on that car!

08_3019w.jpg (142512 bytes)
  08_3020w.jpg (128577 bytes)
08_3033w.jpg (132431 bytes)  08_3048w.jpg (191536 bytes)
08_3050w.jpg (151292 bytes)  08_3032e.jpg (64174 bytes)08_3037w.jpg (134810 bytes)  08_3052e.jpg (108010 bytes)

Kirk also displayed some of his development drawings for the car.
08_3023w.jpg (152709 bytes)
  08_3028w.jpg (165045 bytes)

Kirk is a very entertaining and passionate speaker.
He obviously loves his work and does it well!

08_3042w.jpg (81056 bytes)

Here's a clip of part of his presentation, posted on VetteTube:
Click here for clip

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