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Lakeville, CT
August 31 - September 3, 2007

This is an event for sensory overload. All the cars I read & dreamed about as a kid, and they are RACING! While not a great one for fundraising, we were able to send the American Cancer Society $231.00 that we collected. Thank you Lime Rock Park for your hospitality!

Friday August 31

On the road again... 5:33am

We have to stop meeting like this! Seems that every event I've been to
this year I ran into these folks, Geoff "Dr. Rebuild" Coenen & wife.

07_0718s.jpg (191471 bytes)

Lime Rock provided us with this great space on the Vendor midway.
07_0728s.jpg (166881 bytes)

Next door was one of my personal "coolest cars of all time", the Allard J2X.
As a teen in the late 50s, I spent many evenings riding shotgun in one of
these with a buddy. That one had a 283 with 3 carbs and a McCulloch blower!
Seen here is the modern recreation by the Allard Motor Works
in Montreal, headed by Roger Allard.

07_0735s.jpg (177746 bytes)
  07_0736s.jpg (197522 bytes)  07_0737.jpg (145139 bytes)

In the Rolex "Moments In Time" tent was the Corvette SS from 1957.
It was driven by the legendary John Fitch, one of Lime Rock's founders
and early managers. He still lives nearby.

07_0756.jpg (158819 bytes)
  07_0757.jpg (168661 bytes)  07_0761.jpg (140486 bytes)
07_0763.jpg (139682 bytes)  07_0817.jpg (140541 bytes)

Also on display: Maserati, Ferrari and Jaguar. 
07_0765.jpg (168330 bytes)
  07_0768.jpg (153059 bytes)  07_0770.jpg (141854 bytes)

Outside was this gorgeous, classic, flathead powered Deuce roadster.
07_0786.jpg (220930 bytes)
  07_0787.jpg (191736 bytes)  07_0789.jpg (150595 bytes)  07_0791.jpg (170323 bytes)

Friday evening I was John Schieding's guest at the dinner honoring John Bishop,
the founder of IMSA. Dapper as always in the red blazer is John Fitch.

07_0794.jpg (131465 bytes)
  07_0804.jpg (116812 bytes)  07_0809.jpg (99091 bytes)


Saturday September 1

"Home" for 3 nights, the Inn at White Hollow Farm,
all of 1/2 mile from the track.

07_0820.jpg (242925 bytes)
  07_0825.jpg (231765 bytes)

Classic Bentley pulls in, just like anybody else...
07_0830.jpg (251879 bytes)

I tried a more open setup today. Lotus was across the way.
07_0829.jpg (202365 bytes)
  07_0832.jpg (131170 bytes)

Next to Lotus was the Porsche Carrera GT.
07_0921.jpg (208685 bytes)
  07_0926.jpg (157015 bytes)

Matthew joined the exclusive group who donated $25 or more to
the American Cancer Society for the privilege of signing the underside
of the hood. It was his late grandfather's birthday.

07_0863.jpg (177126 bytes)
  07_0864.jpg (217607 bytes)


Sunday September 2

A misty morning, both at the Inn and the track.
07_0957.jpg (156275 bytes)
  07_0960.jpg (167953 bytes)  07_0962.jpg (104482 bytes)

Pretty quiet this morning, but it's only 8:30,
and there's no racing at Lime Rock on Sundays.

07_0964.jpg (168928 bytes)

Instead there's a Concours D'Elegance on the straight. An incredible variety!
Click photo to see some of the coolest.

07_0968.jpg (154545 bytes)


Monday September 3

The grounds were packed all day, race day!
07_1332.jpg (153511 bytes)
  07_1355.jpg (151969 bytes)  07_1380.jpg (122810 bytes)  07_1382.jpg (139407 bytes)

By 3:15 I was packed up for the trip home.
07_1386.jpg (154610 bytes)
    07_1399.jpg (111804 bytes)

Final stats.


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