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Vettes at the Beach
Pensacola Beach, Florida
Saturday, September 18, 2010

New this year!

Friday, Sept. 17

Departure from Decatur AL, 10:54am

There it is!
10_0933.jpg (121788 bytes)

The welcoming party. That's me in the red shirt on the right,
discovering that the camera's memory card was full!

aDSC00921.JPG (40616 bytes)

Saturday, Sept. 18

While setting up for the show, Roy Rogers joined the dozens who have donated $25
to the American Cancer Society for the right to sign the underside of the hood!

10_0937.jpg (120148 bytes)
  10_0942.jpg (165725 bytes)

The setup. The actual beach is just beyond those palms.
10_0943.jpg (142713 bytes)
  10_0950.jpg (211015 bytes)

A serious custom Vette with some spectacular air-brush work!
10_0953.jpg (212218 bytes)

A broader view of the show.
10_0968.jpg (130315 bytes)

A little different angle...
10_1026.jpg (146562 bytes)

For another $25 to ACS Bob B. adds his name.
(Sorry, Bob, I can't make out your last name!)
10_1030.jpg (130464 bytes)
  10_1031a.jpg (158417 bytes)

After dinner at the Margaritaville Beach Hotel, I discovered
that all the color had been sucked out of the Vette!

(Strange lighting! Notice the red taillights in the background.)
10_1033.jpg (147727 bytes)

About 1 am I was treated to this outside my room at the Super 8:
10_1035.jpg (206401 bytes)
  10_1036.jpg (128609 bytes)
Seems a drunk teen had fallen through a window.

Sunday Sept. 19

Final stats back in Sweet Home Alabama.


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