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Valparaiso IN
August 11-14, 2011

Thanks to Tom Little and Gino Burelli for inviting me to this fun event!

Friday, August 12

Departing Decatur. Yes, that's 4:55am: Anytime I have to go through Nashville, this is the only option to avoid hideous traffic delays!
  11_6348.jpg (93455 bytes)

Not too shabby @ 133k miles: how's this for mpg@avg speed for the 550 mile trip up?

Saturday August 13

Our setup for the weekend, right in front of the Indoor Vendors hall.
11_6362.jpg (177728 bytes)
 11_6364.jpg (217837 bytes) 11_6368.jpg (188328 bytes) 11_6369.jpg (272883 bytes) 11_6370.jpg (234731 bytes)

Panorama view from behind the table.
11_6385.jpg (200688 bytes)
  11_6386.jpg (194781 bytes)  11_6387.jpg (217666 bytes)  11_6388.jpg (184870 bytes)

(THIS I wish I HADN'T seen!)
11_6405.jpg (227667 bytes)

2 more people add their names to the underside of the hood for a
$25 donation to the American Cancer Society!

11_6406.jpg (167926 bytes)
  11_6407.jpg (120393 bytes)
11_6411.jpg (211337 bytes) 

Jim During's Z06 in the Bowtie Collection.
11_6408.jpg (211614 bytes)

I think I made Chris's day!
11_6414.jpg (245039 bytes)

Sunday, August 14

Old friends Sarah & Bob Vodnik drove down from Oak Forest IL for a visit.
That's Bob on the left, behind the nearly completed "Shadow 5" AA fueler in
Kent Fuller's shop in Belmont CA in 1965. For more: see Old Drag Photos.
Great to see you guys again!!!
11_6418.jpg (156469 bytes)
  fullers s.jpg (106384 bytes) 

Monday August 15

Final stats back in Decatur after stop in Bowling Green KY & quick visit to the National Corvette Museum.
                11_6452.jpg (113449 bytes)

This was a great start at this show. We have already discussed improvements for next year, and will most likely be doing a 50/50, drawing the winner at the awards ceremony, right before they draw the winner of the Corvette Giveaway!


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