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MISSION STATEMENT of Pacesetters Corvette Club and Corvettes Serving America Foundation:

For 2008, we’re participating in a literal "pledge drive" covering an estimated 3000 round trip miles, passing through a combined 15 Southern, Northern, and Mid-Western states. This year, we're calling the event... TOUR FOR A CURE!

The PaceSetters Corvette Club (www.pscc1.org) and our 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation, the Corvettes Serving
America (CSA) Foundation (www.csafoundation.org) are at it again !!!

It was a great honor to guide this wonderful, dedicated group,
mostly from the Atlanta area, with KY & FL also present,
on the Maine leg of their 3000 mile fundraising tour.

Tuesday, May 27

After meeting the travelers at the Hampton Inn in Freeport,
we enjoyed dinner at nearby Gritty McDuff's.

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Wednesday, May 28

5 Vettes from New Hampshire's Gate City Corvette Club
joined us for the day's activities.

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First stop was Portland Head Light, in service since 1791. While there,
Tour leader Cynthia "Cha Cha" Chapman was interviewed by NBC Channel 6 news.

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Parking for lunch at Becky's Diner on the Portland waterfront.
08_1386w.jpg (206921 bytes)
While there, I was also interviewed by Channel 6.

After lunch, we took off on a scenic 73 mile drive to Pemaquid Lighthouse,
featured on the Maine quarter.

This was a typical view on the way.
08_1388w.jpg (214152 bytes)

What a spectacular day!
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We finally tore ourselves away from the scenery for another scenic drive
to dinner at Cook's Lobster House on Bailey Island.

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08_1465w.jpg (220973 bytes)

Most of our guests enjoyed classic Maine cuisine (read "lobstah").
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 Then Cha Cha and Linda Patton presented a check for $3500 to Melissa Cushman of the American Cancer Society! I presented her with the $365 from last Sunday's Spring Fling.

08_1478w.jpg (116594 bytes)


Thursday, May 29

Before heading for work in Augusta, I saw the dedicated group off for their
next leg to Virginia. Keep the shiny side up, folks!

08_1486w.jpg (212246 bytes)



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