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Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City NJ
April 16-17, 2011

Thank You to Kenny Shaw for providing the space
for our display at the show!

Supported by

The LRCC Club gave me a check for $750.00 for the American Cancer Society. Since the LRCC membership is split between PA & NJ, $375.00 each went to both the Blue Bell PA office and the Lawrenceville NJ office.

Thank You LRCC!

Thursday, April 14

Odometer: 119416
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Spent the night at my mom's in Philadelphia


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More sights.
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The view of the Convention Center from my hotel room.
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Sights around the show floor.
Painfully conspicuous by their absence are SPECTATORS!!!

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Departing AC for Mom's in Philadelphia for the night.

Monday, April 18

Back in "Sweet Home Alabama"


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