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Atlantic City Convention Center
April 24-25, 2010

(New this year, invited by the Liberty Region Corvette Club!)

Thursday, April 22

Departing Alabama, 4:53am.

908 miles later, I spent the night at my Mom's in Philly for a short but great visit.

Friday, April 23

Arrival in Atlantic City. The Convention Center was right off the end
of the A/C Expressway from Philly. Note the Strictly Corvette
"Corvette Car Show" banners everywhere!

10_9780.jpg (120265 bytes)
  10_9782.jpg (127713 bytes)  10_9783.jpg (162096 bytes)

All set up for the show to start in the morning,
and ready to check into the Sheraton across the street.

10_9788.jpg (136235 bytes)
  10_9789.jpg (125530 bytes)

But first, I wandered around the show a bit since I would be
tied to my display when the show was open.
A couple caught my eye...

This heavily modified '54 claims 600,000 miles for the owner of 45 years!
10_9800.jpg (91657 bytes)
  10_9803.jpg (187102 bytes)

This '69/81 is totally unique: Fully functional 4 wheel drive road & beach buggy.
Chrysler 300D 392 hemi, 190,000 miles for the builder/owner of 33 years!

10_9825.jpg (132920 bytes)  10_9826.jpg (136583 bytes)  10_9828.jpg (153996 bytes)  10_9903.jpg (153086 bytes)
10_9991.jpg (169897 bytes)  10_9993.jpg (140020 bytes)  10_9820.jpg (105966 bytes)
Check the VETTE Magazine feature article for the details.

Once checked in, this was the view from my hotel room.
Yes, this IS the home of Miss America, and the hotel is packed with memorabilia.

10_9832.jpg (168435 bytes)

Saturday, April 24

More tidbits from the show:

There were many spectacular examples of air-brush art.
10_9887.jpg (148155 bytes)
  10_9888.jpg (194688 bytes)

This has to be the ugliest example of Can-Am style bodywork ever!
10_9892.jpg (142415 bytes)
  10_9893.jpg (129489 bytes)

His 'n' Hers '57s
10_9913.jpg (157370 bytes)

Sunday, April 25

If it isn't raining yet, it will be shortly!
10_9896.jpg (94738 bytes)

All ready for the doors to open...
10_9958.jpg (123192 bytes)

Well look who's here: Sandy's brother Ray Cook and his wife Jo Anne,
down from Princeton! They point out their names on the side of the car.

10_9981.jpg (137843 bytes)
  10_9984.jpg (148682 bytes)  10_9983c.jpg (91668 bytes)

Trophy time, and the 50/50 drawing. I had been helping sell
the tickets for Liberty Region Corvette Club.

10_9995.jpg (175148 bytes)
Corvettes Conquer Cancer is Liberty Region's Designated Charity.
They presented me with
2 checks for $325.00 to the American Cancer Society.
Since their membership is from both PA and NJ, I have sent one check each
to the Chalfont PA and the Lawrenceville NJ ACS offices.
We make a point of directing whatever funds we raise at any
event to the office that serves the host area.

Packed and ready to head back to Mom's in Philly for the night.
10_9998.jpg (126778 bytes)

Talk about convenient: 10 minutes after taking the above picture,
I was ON the Atlantic City Expressway!

10_9999.jpg (87351 bytes)
  10_0002.jpg (71752 bytes)

Monday, April 26

Departing Philly, 4:35am.

Arrival back in Alabama, 5:21pm.

Many thanks to Liberty Region Corvette Club for the invite and the
support, to Kenny Shaw of Strictly Corvette for providing our space
and to Dick Borchers for helping me at the display and taking me
to dinner Saturday night!

Sorry Dick, I didn't get a single photo of you there, so I'll throw in this one:
Fw Pictures3.jpg (305511 bytes)
(Dick transported my C6 from Maine to NJ, where Paul Eggermann applied his
spectacular graphics, and then from NJ to Bowling Green KY where the car was
presented to me at the National Corvette Museum.)


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