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Gate City Corvette Club's
27th Annual Spring Fling

Anheuser Busch; Merrimack, NH
May 27, 2007

6:30 am departure for Merrimack.

Spectacular day at a beautiful location.
We had room for all 15' of table, and the tent, all of which fits in the car!

07_6171s.jpg (1256275 bytes)
  07_6174s.jpg (1089006 bytes)
07_6175s.jpg (685065 bytes)  07_6176s.jpg (852512 bytes)

That's my daughter Christy and her husband Nils arriving, after leaving their bikes
in the outer parking lot. I felt terrible, because I was just leaving the table to help judge
a couple of classes. She offered to cover the table for the hour until they had to leave,
so I only was able to visit with them for about 5 minutes.

07_6179s.jpg (1145703 bytes)
  07_6180s.jpg (640859 bytes) 

After the very successful show wrapped up, the club retired to member
Jim Eckes' house a couple miles up the road for the traditional pizza and beer.
Thanks, Gate City, for another great day!

07_6186s.jpg (854186 bytes)
  07_6189s.jpg (784102 bytes)

Final stats.

p.s.  This is what 15 feet of table, 2 chairs, a 10' tent, all the display materials
and cleaning supplies looks like in the trunk of a C6 coupe!

07_6216s.jpg (625345 bytes)
  07_6218s.jpg (630525 bytes)


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