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24th Annual
Spring Fling

Anheuser-Busch Brewery; Merrimack, NH

May 30, 2004

The start of a beautiful day.
DCP_4744s.jpg (116481 bytes)

This year we were right on the corner, across from the DJ and Gate City's
administration setup. The Budweiser facility is as spectacular as the weather,
although the wind made it a bit of a challenge to keep all the paperwork in place.

DCP_4746s.jpg (273762 bytes)
  DCP_4751s.jpg (302902 bytes)

Unfortunately, I was able to take only a few photos. I barely had all the stuff on the tables displayed and secured from the wind when I attended a judges briefing. We would be the first show to utilize the new judging system developed by the New England Corvette Judging Council over the past year. Then, after recruiting Ann Goulas to mind my display, I was off to judge 2 classes with Bob DiMeo. It took a lot longer than usual, as we did our best to forget how we had done this for 20+ years and followed the new guidelines. We were the very last team to finish! I immediately began to pack up the display as the trophies were awarded.

Gate City had been selling 50/50 tickets all day. After the
drawing of the lucky ticket, they presented me with
$308.00 for the American Cancer Society

They also awarded me one of the "Special" trophies: the
"I Like To Drive" trophy,
in recognition of the 165,000 miles the Tour C5 has accumulated.

After getting everything back in the Vette, I joined the traditional
Gate City after-show pizza party at Jim Ecke's house on an island
a couple miles from the Bud facility.

DCP_4756s.jpg (179218 bytes)
  DCP_4761s.jpg (239213 bytes)  DCP_4763s.jpg (262098 bytes)

Final stats after the 2 hour drive back home.
DCP_4771s.jpg (48494 bytes)
  DCP_4772s.jpg (46113 bytes)  DCP_4773s.jpg (47967 bytes)

Thanks to the Gate City Corvette Club for another terrific show.
We (or I should say Ann - she staffed my table longer than I did)
collected $242.00 in donations at the table, which added to the
$308.00 from the 50/50 added up to a

donation to the American Cancer Society office in Bedford, NH!


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