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#1 Bucket List Trip:
Drive Historic Route 66

For years, the #1 item on my Bucket List of things to do had been to travel Historic Route 66, in a Corvette, from its starting point in Chicago all the way to the end on Santa Monica Pier in California, driving on as much of the original 1926 road as still exists.

With that completed, I intended to drive the Pacific Coast Highway to its Northern end, then turn East toward home and, in the process, drive through the last 12 of the 48 contiguous States in this 2006 Vette. (I had traveled all 48 in its predecessor - a 1997.)

Back in February, 2 events inspired me that this was the time to finally DO IT!
On the 23rd, I had to put down my 20 year old cat, who had been my only companion since Sandy died in 2000. He had limited my time away from home to 7 days per trip because he was so petrified of strange environments and people that I couldn't bear to board him.
The 27th was my 75th birthday. I obviously wasn't getting any younger, and neither was the Vette, which already had 1/4 million miles on it.
Now was the time!


This page documents that 40 day/11,236 mile adventure, which included a ton of side trips, 21 national parks and monuments, and 15 museums!


Monday, May 1, 2017

In prep for the trip, the 4 new Pilot Super Sport tires that Michelin had provided were installed by Wheel Fix It in Huntsville.

Then - home to finish packing for at least a month on the road!


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