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Concours d'Elegance Show
Springfield, VT
Sunday, October 3, 2004

This was the last show of the year for PVCM,
and for once(!), the weather was PERFECT!

Saturday, Oct. 2

Leaving home...

VERY shiny trailer!
DCP_6731s.jpg (148544 bytes)

Very gloomy through NH, turning to rain in VT.
Not much color to the foliage yet!

DCP_6734s.jpg (78562 bytes)

Arrival @ PVCM...

... just in time for a great dinner at the attached  

After dinner, Museum Manager Roberto led me to the Ascutney Mountain Resort
where they had booked a room for me.

Sunday, Oct. 3

An absolutely beautiful morning at the Ascutney, 
DCP_6741s.jpg (123162 bytes)

and a beautiful drive back to the Museum.
DCP_6742s.jpg (121100 bytes)

After washing off the grime from yesterday's rainy trip at the car wash across
the street, I set up my display in the show area out back, and parked the
Vette out front by the entrance. This was a mixed show, but the
Eastern Mass Corvette Club provided the bulk of the cars.
DCP_6750s.jpg (171992 bytes)  DCP_6754s.jpg (232098 bytes)
DCP_6755s.jpg (181042 bytes)  DCP_6761s.jpg (169766 bytes)

Despite the small turnout, we collected
for the American Cancer Society!

One of those fun "small world" incidents: This beautiful '64 came in around noon. When I went over to check it out, the lady looked at me kind of funny and hesitantly asked "Ben?" Looking at her more closely, I said "Boy, I know you from somewhere, don't I!" She was the kid sister of one of my best car nut/ drinkin' buddies from the 60s! I hadn't seen any of them since shortly after I got married in '67. Kim and her husband Gerry had lived in the Stowe VT area for 20-some years, and this was their first visit to the Museum. They had owned the '64 for a couple of years, and were aware of our Corvettes Conquer Cancer activities through the internet.

DCP_6766s.jpg (233789 bytes)  DCP_6764s.jpg (239067 bytes)

That motor home carried the well known "Dr. Rebuild" from CT.
DCP_6771s.jpg (163130 bytes)

On the road again...

The final stats after a very pleasant drive back to Maine.


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