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Springfield, VT
October 11-13, 2003

Saturday, October 11

On the road.
DCP_3840s.jpg (77579 bytes)

The foliage on the way over on Saturday was rather drab - nowhere near peak.
DCP_3854s.jpg (96855 bytes)

The scenery (automotive, that is) in front of the Diner was good, however.
DCP_3865s.jpg (180596 bytes)
  DCP_3868s.jpg (117980 bytes)

Sunday, October 12

Some of the sights at the show on Sunday.
Obviously, this was a mixed show, not just Corvettes.

DCP_3878s.jpg (146674 bytes)
  DCP_3884s.jpg (154774 bytes)
DCP_3885s.jpg (153191 bytes)  DCP_3886s.jpg (165053 bytes)
DCP_3888s.jpg (220494 bytes)
  DCP_3890s.jpg (147447 bytes)
DCP_3892s.jpg (225220 bytes)  DCP_3895s.jpg (206815 bytes)
DCP_3904s.jpg (111671 bytes)
  DCP_3874s.jpg (165165 bytes)

Sunday night was the Charter Members' Dinner.
DCP_3907s.jpg (218210 bytes)
  DCP_3921s.jpg (162922 bytes)

Monday, October 13

More foliage on the way home on Monday.
DCP_3927s.jpg (111642 bytes)

Final stats.
DCP_3929s.jpg (49143 bytes)
  DCP_3930s.jpg (53984 bytes)

Thanks to Precision Valley Corvette Museum for hosting me for this
very enjoyable weekend. Between the 50/50 drawing, the "bullet hole"
sales, the show registration fees and the outright donations, we were
able to send the American Cancer Society's office in
Montpelier, VT the sum of



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