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Columbus Day Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, October 9
Springfield, VT


Departing Maine Saturday afternoon.

The view for most of the nearly 4 hour trip. Parts of NH experienced serious flooding!
05_9388s.jpg (52687 bytes)

Sunday morning we set up in the lobby of the Museum,
with the trusty '97 out in front of the Diner.

05_9396s.jpg (117679 bytes)
  05_9400s.jpg (107923 bytes)  05_9405s.jpg (154235 bytes)

Museum & Diner owners Matt and Cindy Alldredge took a break to present
Corvettes Conquer Cancer with this BIG CHECK, their $5,000 annual sponsorship!

05_9411s.jpg (115872 bytes)

A recent addition to the display is this gorgeous 1960.
On the wall is this photo of the identical Vette featured in 1978's "Animal House".

05_9421s.jpg (139634 bytes)
  05_9422s.jpg (197306 bytes)  05_9424s.jpg (113202 bytes)

The afternoon wrapped up with this live classic rock band.
05_9433s.jpg (137792 bytes)

Although it didn't actually rain most of the day, it was cold and threatening, which
kept the turnout low. Of course(!) the rain resumed as I was loading up the
car for the drive home, and continued for the entire trip.

Back home after what seemed like a VERY long trip!

Thank you Matt and Cindy for your tremendous support
for Corvettes Conquer Cancer as our primary sponsor!


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