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Petit Le Mans
Final race of 2010 American Le Mans Series
Road Atlanta
Braselton GA
Sept. 30 - October 2, 2010


Thursday Sept 30

8:30am Departing Decatur AL

In place at the Corvette Corral, Road Atlanta.
(Like that giant Corvette tailfin?)
10_1193.jpg (113275 bytes)
  10_1195.jpg (151736 bytes)

View of the Paddock area from the back of the Corral
10_1212.jpg (172066 bytes)

Views from our "Parade Laps."
A delightful surprise: a few times we were able to activate the Active Handling!
10_1220.jpg (145035 bytes)
  10_1223.jpg (103999 bytes)  10_1225.jpg (107264 bytes)

That evening our host for the weekend, Bobby Tow, treated Charlie & Jim Robertson
and me to a tour of his amazing Corvette Racing collection.

10_1228.jpg (203297 bytes)

Friday Oct 1

Departing our home for the weekend.
10_1236.jpg (139860 bytes)

About the first sight in a walk through the
paddock was this, the Panoz Abruzzi. 
No comment... 
10_1240.jpg (155099 bytes)

Olivier Beretta, Antonio Garcia and Johnny O'Connell.
10_1246.jpg (178652 bytes)

#3 about ready to go out.
10_1251.jpg (246516 bytes)

Oliver Gavin.
10_1263.jpg (101902 bytes)

The Corvette Corral is a lot busier today! And dryer!
10_1265.jpg (199145 bytes)
 10_1274.jpg (226479 bytes) 10_1278.jpg (220123 bytes)

Back to the Corvette paddock for the autograph session, while right behind the table the trans goes back into #3.
10_1290.jpg (181792 bytes)
 10_1300.jpg (173163 bytes) 10_1301.jpg (195068 bytes) 10_1310.jpg (194767 bytes)

Saturday, Oct. 2

Retired Corvette Chief Engineer Tom Wallace talks about the new
Motorsports Park that the National Corvette Museum is building.

10_1363.jpg (151820 bytes)

Corvette Racing Program Manager, Doug Fehan.
10_1372.jpg (145182 bytes)
(That's our benefactor, Bobby Tow, at Doug's left elbow)

Johnny O'Connell kept everybody entertained while auctioning
racing memorabilia to benefit Alzheimer's victims.

10_1428.jpg (196024 bytes)

Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Marketing Manager,
talks about the newest models and features.

10_1446.jpg (93136 bytes)

Jim Campbell, Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports
10_1448.jpg (128447 bytes)

Retired Corvette Racing star, Ron Fellows talks about the racing program.
10_1455.jpg (110707 bytes)

Mark Kent, GM Racing Manager.
10_1457.jpg (93108 bytes)

Jim takes notes as Ron speaks.
10_1459.jpg (159330 bytes)

Me, caught by Perry Bird...                       and the Cooper girls!
Me at RA by Perry Bird w.jpg (34708 bytes)

Sights while walking completely around the track as the race progresses.
10_1470.jpg (185724 bytes)
  10_1486.jpg (225003 bytes)  10_1499.jpg (183157 bytes)

Amber Dyoss signed the hood for her $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.
10_1507.jpg (146425 bytes)
  10_1508.jpg (111524 bytes)

The race continues (10 hrs or 1000 miles, whichever comes first).
Corvette #4 seemed to always be within a few seconds of the lead Ferrari.

10_1511.jpg (230421 bytes)
  10_1512.jpg (187850 bytes)

On the last lap and only a couple of turns from the finish line, the Ferrari
ran out of gas, and #4, itself running on fumes, took Corvette's first win of the
season in the final lap of the final race of the season!

10_1532.jpg (159190 bytes)

The wild celebration in the Corvette Garage!
10_1541.jpg (175809 bytes)
  10_1542.jpg (188765 bytes)  10_1548.jpg (194349 bytes)
Me and Jim Campbell at RA w.jpg (114990 bytes) 

Sunday Oct. 3

After another night enjoying the hospitality of Connie & Bobby Tow,
it was time to head home.



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