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America's Sports Car
National Corvette Museum publication

Bloomington Gold Program

C5/C6 Registry
Quarterly magazine

Corvettes @ Carlisle

Corvette Informant
Corvette Mike Newsletter

Seacoast Vettes
2000 Calendar of Events


Special Publications:


NCRS Corvette Restorer
Photo from the 2008 Motor City Regional in Novi MI; taken on
the high banked circle track at the Milford Proving Grounds!

See red arrow: that's me, the very last car in left lane!
IMG_0228 w.jpg (337821 bytes)


Corvette Milestones
50 Years
(Trader Publishing Company)
Milestones-cover.jpg (188320 bytes)  2003 CCC C5 w.jpg (441419 bytes)


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