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Transportation Spectacular
All-Corvette Meet & Aerobatics Show
July 27-29 2007

Friday July 27

Pretty cool place to park, huh?
07_7773s.jpg (669729 bytes)

The first activity on the schedule was the road tour. This was led by John Payson, driving his original Corvette Challenge car. His business, Payson Galleries, was one of the car's original sponsors in 1988-1989. When the race series ended he bought the car, had it converted back to street configuration and has been driving it since. Unfortunately the clutch cylinder quit part way into the tour, so he rode with me to lead the remainder of the tour to a local winery.

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Saturday July 28

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My setup was in the main hangar, literally under the wing of the Fokker airliner.
Could you imagine flying to Tokyo in that thing?

07_7837s.jpg (641272 bytes)
  07_7840s.jpg (679329 bytes)

The New England Corvette Club came equipped.
07_7845s.jpg (757518 bytes)

Unfortunately, the fog prevented any flying on Saturday.
07_7849s.jpg (480857 bytes)

My buddy Gary's C5 next to Museum Director Charlie Chiarchiaro's
Ferret scout car. Gary is the FAA flight standards guy who controls the air
show as well as my occasional co-pilot/bodyguard..

07_7871s.jpg (665724 bytes)

Fantastic steak/lobster dinner in the Museum.
Director Charlie talks about the museum's history and mission.

07_7875s.jpg (642513 bytes)
  07_7877s.jpg (610576 bytes)  07_7887s.jpg (508852 bytes)

Sunday July 29

Fortunately Sunday was clear so the fantastic air show kept the crowd spellbound...
and outside. That's Ziggy Forman's black 54.

07_7893s.jpg (584712 bytes)
  07_7898s.jpg (523436 bytes)  07_7899.jpg (529656 bytes)

That's John Payson's Bentley. He told me that it was the first car he was
allowed to drive with passengers - driving his family to church the
week he got his driver's license.

07_7926s.jpg (867455 bytes)


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