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Send-Off Benefit Party
Chelmsford, MA Ramada Inn
June 13, 1998

This send-off was put on by our friends in the New England
Corvette community. We were on the road for the summer!

Ben & Sandy.
b&s Chelmsford.jpg (54897 bytes)
  Sandy corsage.jpg (446993 bytes)

Primary forces behind this event: Karen Gale and Ann Goulas.
Scan130, August 03, 2003.jpg (32605 bytes)

Sandy & Ann Goulas.
Sandy & Ann.jpg (62777 bytes)

National Corvette Museum Founder, Dan Gale.

Clockwise from left: Joe Michalik, Charlene & Tom Delisle,
Cheryl & Gary Readio, Dan & Gale Zelonis, Al Whittier.

Chelmsford crowd.jpg (76692 bytes)

Pete & Jan Cronstrom - our chief competitors in
New England Corvette shows; always fun!

Cronstroms.jpg (66522 bytes)

The Cake!
Chelmsford cake.jpg (75465 bytes)


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