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Corvette Celebration
4th Corvette Hall of Fame Induction

National Corvette Museum
Bowling Green, KY

August 31, September 1-2, 2001

Tuesday, August 28

Leaving Philadelphia for Bowling Green. Morning fog over PA farmland.
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  DCP_2683.JPG (23516 bytes)
DCP_2685.JPG (36904 bytes)

Wednesday, 8/29

Bridgestone Park, Nashville: Firestone HQ
That's Dave Gardiner, who arranged for the tire sponsorship!

DCP_2694.JPG (90402 bytes)  DCP_2699.JPG (85409 bytes)

Thursday, 8/30

After a Plant tour with Tom & Charlene, I set up in the lobby. The C5 out in front.
DCP_2700.JPG (71148 bytes)
  DCP_2706.JPG (83995 bytes)

Friday, 8/31

View from the booth: it's getting busy!
DCP_2711.JPG (79510 bytes)

A great seminar: Dick Guldstrand and Andy Pilgrim: Le Mans '68 vs. '01.
(No factory participation vs. FULL factory participation)

DCP_2715.JPG (44784 bytes)
I was able to go to this thanks to "Zippy", aka Tony Vernogis!
DCP_2717.JPG (76228 bytes)

Another great seminar: Dr. Dick Thompson - "the Flying Dentist",
with slides of Corvette racing in the 50's & 60's.

DCP_2720.JPG (33446 bytes)
  DCP_2724.JPG (24662 bytes)
DCP_2725.JPG (22720 bytes)  DCP_2726.JPG (22289 bytes)

It's now REALLY busy in the lobby! (2nd photo from NCM website)
DCP_2756.JPG (83746 bytes)
  01 ncm ld fri14.jpg (21106 bytes)

Friday Evening: the Hall Of Fame Banquet

First item: the tribute to Dan Gale, Museum Founder, presented to his wife, Karen.
DCP_2758.JPG (37315 bytes)
DCP_2793.jpg (53549 bytes)

Our table.
DCP_2764.JPG (73792 bytes)

Hall of Fame inductee: Gib Hufstader
DCP_2766.JPG (31092 bytes)

Hall of Fame inductee: Betty Skelton Frankman
DCP_2769.JPG (28676 bytes)

Richard Prince's slides included this one of Sandy on the road in her C5!

Hall of Fame inductee: Joe Spielman.
Wil Cooksey's introduction was hilarious!
(ps: Joe is actually BIGGER than Wil!)

DCP_2774.JPG (27217 bytes)

My program, with a few autographs.

Saturday, 9/1

NCM Board of Directors Meeting
DCP_2784.JPG (44134 bytes)

The Dan Gale Brick
DCP_2815.JPG (88256 bytes)
I love the middle photo below. L-R: Jerry Burton, Stephanie Morrill,
Glenda & Dave McLellan, Dave Hill, Karen Gale, John Cafaro, Elfi Duntov.
DCP_2805.JPG (87921 bytes)  DCP_2810.JPG (85184 bytes)

Two very nice awards for Corvette!
DCP_2873.JPG (76697 bytes)  DCP_2874.JPG (62713 bytes)

Zippy's new Z06. He forced me to drive it(!)
DCP_2875.JPG (77357 bytes)

Sunday, 9/2

Another great seminar: Bob Clift, development driver/engineer.
  DCP_2976.JPG (23177 bytes)  DCP_2988.JPG (20125 bytes)
DCP_3006.JPG (24483 bytes)  DCP_3028.JPG (55831 bytes)  DCP_3031.JPG (53161 bytes)

Celebrity Choice Awards - I actually got one!
Dollie Cole, widow of Ed Cole and NCM Board Chairman, who
picked my car, gave me a little extra something with my award!

DCP_3095.JPG (58206 bytes)  DCP_3096.JPG (65942 bytes) 

Thanks, Dan. Without your help, the doors that you opened, the calls that you made -
the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour might never have gotten off the ground!

DCP_3104.JPG (80245 bytes)
  DCP_3101.jpg (82477 bytes)

Leaving for home.
DCP_3106.JPG (47683 bytes)
  DCP_3107.JPG (47573 bytes)  DCP_3108.JPG (40850 bytes)

Same scene: Coming and going!
DCP_3134.JPG (51446 bytes)
  DCP_3136.JPG (44222 bytes)


Monday, 9/3

On the road again, from Williamsburg, KY.
I got to try the new Firestones in the rain. Fantastic!!
DCP_3146.JPG (36928 bytes)


Tuesday, 9/4

Seen on I-495 in MA!
What can I say?

DCP_3162.JPG (67476 bytes)

Home at last!
(To a VERY happy cat!)
14 days, 3916 miles.

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