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Bloomington Gold
Interstate Center
Bloomington, IL
June 21-24, 2001

Gary & I left Maine about 10:30 on Wednesday, June 20. Both temp and humidity were in the 90's! We arrived at the Red Roof in Westlake, OH at 11:45 pm. That's just west of Cleveland. From there we traveled with Sally & Jim Mele, Frank Genova and George Woyansky & his co-pilot Carl Zander.

Thursday, June 21

Torrential rain part of the way, but then it cleared and by the time we got to Bloomington mid afternoon, it was clear, low 70's and low humidity. Incredibly, it stayed like that for the entire weekend! It doesn't get any better than that for a Corvette Show!

Pit stop on I-90.
DCP_1918.JPG (84022 bytes)

Friday, June 22

Bloomington has given us prime space right in front
of the Interstate Center since 1998!

DCP_1925.JPG (67821 bytes)

And display space in the Route 66 Lobby, next to the information desk.
EVERYBODY comes through here! That's Gary, my frequent
Co-Pilot & Bodyguard, on the right.

DCP_1941.JPG (70797 bytes)
 DCP_1937.JPG (63000 bytes) DCP_1936.JPG (68813 bytes)

Saturday, June 23

It got really busy! On the turntable at the right is a 12 mile '67 L-88!
DCP_1973.JPG (80012 bytes)

Buzz McCarthy presents me with a check from the Cape Cod Corvette Club
from their May Rally. Standing with us are sponsors Chuck Mallett and
Mike Milian ("Corvette Mike New England").

DCP_1930.JPG (83989 bytes)

We did a Silent Auction for 1 spot behind us in the Saturday evening Road Tour.
DCP_1978.JPG (73632 bytes)

The winner: Keith Bacon, for $525.00 to the American Cancer Society.
DCP_1979.JPG (73182 bytes)
  DCP_1987.JPG (84596 bytes)

That's the tail of an Electron Blue 2002 Z-06, Dave  McLellan in the Green ZR1
and Andy Roderick in front of us.

DCP_1991.JPG (56956 bytes)

Vettes coming & going! About 1200 in all. 48.2 miles of them, by my calculation.
Lots of stops, burns and runs through the gears.
No cobwebs or carbon buildup on this 60 mile cruise!

DCP_2003.JPG (46519 bytes)

Sunday, June 24

Some of our traveling companions pose for a final photo before heading
off in different directions. Sally & Jim are heading for the Black Hills Classic,
the rest of us to various places called home.

DCP_2012.JPG (80380 bytes)

Billy Phelps autographs my banner. He is a Bowling Green plant electrician who
won the drawing among plant workers for the one-of-a-kind "Platinum Power" C5.
It got to $157,000 in the Bloomington Auction, but didn't sell!

DCP_2013.JPG (78851 bytes)
 DCP_1955.JPG (71847 bytes) DCP_2015.JPG (63457 bytes)

Monday, June 25

Back at home: the stats from the DIC for the 6 days on the road.
DCP_2027.JPG (46686 bytes)
 DCP_2028.JPG (47941 bytes) DCP_2025.JPG (45432 bytes) DCP_2026.JPG (46276 bytes)


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