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27th Annual Show-N-Shine
Corvettes United of Central Mass.
Hebert's Candy Mansion; Shrewsbury, MA
Sunday, June 10, 2001(Rain date from June 3)


After a rainout the previous week, Corvettes United had a spectacular day for their rain date at Hebert's Candy Mansion on Route 20 in Shrewsbury, MA. There were more than a few red faces from the strong, hot sun that blessed us all day. Over 140 cars were showing, and CU did a terrific job of making everything run smoothly. 

I left for the show Saturday afternoon in order to spent the night with my daughter Christy and her husband Nils in Bedford, MA. That made for a pleasant evening, and a short 45 minute drive to the show site Sunday morning.

DCP_1589.JPG (42208 bytes)

Yes, the table, 4 chairs and all the display stuff all came out of the Vette!
DCP_1593.JPG (113409 bytes)

We were set up right in the middle...
DCP_1604.JPG (94332 bytes)
 DCP_1605.JPG (105725 bytes) DCP_1606.JPG (74628 bytes) DCP_1608.JPG (84152 bytes)

right in front of the Chinese Auction.
DCP_1609.JPG (86683 bytes)

The great DJ was even supplemented by a real, live country singer.
DCP_1610.JPG (78063 bytes)

Corvettes United President Ron Hebert presents me with a BIG CHECK for
$750.00 to the American Cancer Society
from the raffle of a week in Cancun donated by a local travel agency. WOW!

DCP_1612.JPG (93847 bytes)
  DCP_1614.JPG (71530 bytes)

Trophy time!
DCP_1617.JPG (104896 bytes)

After a good dinner @ Chilli's in Chelmsford with Ann & Peter Goulas and
Charlene & Tom Delisle, it was back home again. Nice as it was at the show,
it was raining most of the way home through Maine.

DCP_1621.JPG (28588 bytes)
  DCP_1620.JPG (27389 bytes)


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