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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Damariscotta, Maine

This has been an annual event for us since 1999. That was actually
the last public event Sandy ever attended. We have led the walkers
in the CCC Corvette every year since.

Some of the sights at this incredible event. The cold rain couldn't begin to
dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of this special group!

05_9471s.jpg (136967 bytes)
  05_9474s.jpg (200537 bytes)  05_9476s.jpg (186745 bytes)
05_9477s.jpg (111304 bytes)  05_9479s.jpg (116309 bytes)

Cruiser in front, more Cruisers in back...
05_9484s.jpg (129370 bytes)

Dancin' in the rain!
05_9489s.jpg (160924 bytes)

Katie Hagar and Hagar Motorsports have become a feature at this event!
05_9491s.jpg (134807 bytes)
  05_9493s.jpg (134918 bytes)  05_9501s.jpg (129571 bytes)

Event organizer extraordinaire Carol Wise announces that the total
raised that day for the American Cancer Society had broken
05_9502s.jpg (135035 bytes)

This was it - the last function of the year for us! It was great to end on
such a high note, even if it wasn't a strictly Corvette event!


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