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Reception @ Corvette Mike

Anaheim, CA

After Peggy flew home and I rejoined Sandy in Reno, we headed for the Pacific.

Here are some sights going down the coast:

Yes, the Pacific Ocean...
Sunday, March 16, 2008 (51).jpg (81791 bytes)
  Sunday, March 16, 2008 (49).jpg (462946 bytes)

and Morro Rock/Morro Bay.
pacific.jpg (552620 bytes)
  Sunday, March 16, 2008 (50).jpg (107212 bytes)

The Rock & Roll Diner for lunch in Oceano CA.
May 6, 2000 (53).jpg (43776 bytes)

Ventura Beach: Memorable for watching Bill Clinton, live, proclaiming "I never had..."
Ventura Beach.jpg (563941 bytes)

August 18, 1998

"Corvette Mike" Vietro's headquarters in Anaheim.
Corvette Mike 1.jpg (93886 bytes)
    Corvette Mike 2.jpg (163888 bytes)    reception.jpg (106592 bytes)

Sandy with Mike's sister and wife.
Corvette Mike 3.jpg (70826 bytes)

Mike treated us to a very welcome break from motels
by hosting us at his home in Anaheim Hills.

Mikes house.jpg (85315 bytes)    Mikes yard.jpg (157098 bytes)  Monday, August 04, 2003.jpg (43845 bytes)

Thanks Mike!


Now, we head East to Corvettes @ Carlisle in PA!


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