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Wednesday May 14 

4:30 am departure

Thursday May 15

10:43 am after a night in North Ridgeville, OH.

Arrival @ DoubleTree in Novi.

Early arrivals at the Rock Financial Showplace: Wil Cooksey 427, ZR1 & Pace Car.
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Welcome reception at Doubletree.
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Friday May 16

Judging in full swing.
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This supercharged 53 was an interesting piece of history.
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  08_0835w.jpg (114654 bytes)

As was this "styling exercise" 54.
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Drive by of Pratt & Miller facility in nearby New Hudson.
Unfortunately the C6R team was in Utah for an American Le Mans Series race.

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Visit to the GM Performance Build Center in Wixom, where the Z06, ZR1 and CTS-V engines are built. Sr. Engineer Tom Dobson was kind enough to spend a good hour showing me through the fantastic facility! Of course, I had to leave my camera at the front desk.

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An unexpected result of my visit was the plant later sending me the last 2 existing posters of the build team, autographed by all of the technicians who have not retired! These will be auctioned at the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Fundraiser on August 9 to benefit the American Cancer Society.

08_1680w.jpg (196341 bytes)


NCRS group was treated to a tour of the Ken Lingenfelter collection of muscle cars, both domestic and exotic.

(Click thumbnail to see the cars)
08_0791w.jpg (127816 bytes)

Sunday May 18

The conclusion and the highlight of the trip:
4 hours at the GM Proving Ground in Milford!

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Proving Ground group.jpg (94382 bytes)

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08_1114w.jpg (104879 bytes)  08_1124w.jpg (115543 bytes)  08_1145w.jpg (110730 bytes)

What a fantastic experience;
Thank You Michigan NCRS and General Motors!

Monday May 19

Back home @ 7:15 pm after overnight in New Columbia, PA.


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