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NCRS Winter Meet and Classic Corvettes of Orlando's
Wonderful World of Corvettes: Old Town, Kissimmee FL
January 25-28, 2006

The weather for this 3800 mile trip more than made up for the last two,
with post card perfect skies and temps the whole time I was in Florida...
and NO SNOW OR ICE STORMS getting there and back!

The NCRS Winter Meet also produced $1300 for the American Cancer Society,
thanks to the winner of our 50/50 drawing donating back his winnings.
This has become a tradition at this event: the winner for
the past 4 years has donated back his share of the pot!

THANK YOU Ed Augustine and NCRS Florida Chapter
for your hospitality and generosity!


Saturday, January 21
We elected to start out a day or 2 early because of the
forecast of a snowstorm to arrive in Maine on Monday.

Departure from Wiscasset, Maine.

After a brief visit with my parents in Philly, I pushed on to Carlisle PA for the night.

Sunday. January 22

It was a bit FROSTY in Carlisle!
06-100_0095s.jpg (212722 bytes)

(Note for computer junkies - About an hour after leaving Carlisle, my trusty laptop threw fit. See rest of the story at bottom of page.)

Then, a momentous event:

Mid morning, I got a call from friend and cancer survivor, Paul Eggermann in NJ. He was on his way home after picking up his new C6 from Kerbeck's in Atlantic City, and was ecstatic! He said it was fantastic, and added that he thought I should have one! He said that he knew I had nearly 200,000 miles (see above) on the Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5, and, with my permission, in the morning he would start a nationwide fund drive to purchase one to replace the C5 so I could continue Sandy's mission! To top it off, he intended to have Corvette Chief Engineer Dave Hill present it to me on the circle in front of the National Corvette Museum on April 22, during the C5 Bash! He says there was a long silence on the phone as this sank in.

The rest is history...

Monday, January 23

Leaving the overnight stop of Kingsland, GA, where gas was (relatively) cheap.
06-100_0117s.jpg (88836 bytes)
  06-100_0119s.jpg (96279 bytes)

Passing through Kissimmee on the way to visit family
in Ft. Myers, I stopped briefly at the show site.

06-100_0134s.jpg (166244 bytes)

Are we having fun yet?
06-100_0139s.jpg (141986 bytes)
  06-100_0146s.jpg (109144 bytes)  06-100_0151s.jpg (147130 bytes)

It took 90 minutes to go 3 miles just east of Tampa! That's the traffic helicopter just above the antenna of the car in front. Seems a lumber truck took a tumble and scattered its load over both directions of I-4. Pickup sticks... (And I just now as I edit this noticed the plate on that Mercedes!)

Wednesday, January 25

After spending 2 nights with Sandy's sister, her husband and her parents in Ft. Myers, I headed back toward Orlando.

I had arranged to stop on the way at Jake Delaney's Corvette Ranch in Sarasota to pick up some tune-up goodies. When I got there, Jake insisted that they do the work too! His son Brian made short work of the plugs, wires & filters and some cleanup detailing, and I joined them for a great lunch as well. Thanks Jake, Brian and Teresa!

06-100_0159s.jpg (252192 bytes)  06-100_0160s.jpg (273027 bytes)  06-100_0166s.jpg (243384 bytes)

Checked into the Comfort Suites, car washed, looking over the Old Town complex.
06-100_0187s.jpg (355083 bytes)

Thursday, January 26

When our assigned space proved to be too small to fit both my display and the car,
our hosts quickly found this great alternate spot, right inside the entrance. 

06-100_0198s.jpg (188419 bytes)  06-100_0200s.jpg (206876 bytes)
Yes, all that stuff came out of the Vette: 12' of table, 10' tent, chairs, display stuff!

All tied down for the night, ready for dinner at Logan's Roadhouse with Carl Zander.
06-100_0201s.jpg (131705 bytes)

View from my room after dinner. Yup, my stuff is still there -
under the bright lights, left of center.

06-100_0204s.jpg (91912 bytes)

Friday, January 27

Same view. Wow, looks like I'm late, but at least my tent & table are still there!
06-100_0207s.jpg (194224 bytes)

Our display from the entrance, and the entrance from behind our display.
06-100_0217s.jpg (167402 bytes)
                              06-100_0225s.jpg (197732 bytes)
A lot more clouds, but still 70's. Gotta love it!

Dinner Friday night was with the National Corvette Museum group, back
at Race Rock Cafe again. As usual, a great dinner with great people.
This was our table: Tony & Pat Vernogis, Jake Delaney and yours truly.

06-100_0233s.jpg (188644 bytes)
  06-100_0234s.jpg (171712 bytes)  06-100_0235s.jpg (166634 bytes)

Saturday, January 28.

More ideal weather to wrap up the show and pack up. No worthwhile photos.

Ed Augustine MC'd the Saturday Awards Banquet.
06-100_0253s.jpg (127107 bytes)

After dinner, we did the usual 50/50 Drawing to benefit the American Cancer Society. The pot was $1300, and the winner was Larry Martin, the immediate Past Chairman of the Board of the National Corvette Museum. Larry had bought tickets from me since we first started doing the 50/50, and always said that he hoped he would win it, because if he did, he would donate his 50% back. He made good on his promise, so the whole $1300.00 went the the American Cancer Society in Florida!

That's Larry on the left in this photo with Doug Fehan from the C5/C6 Bash last year.
Larry Martin.jpg (37048 bytes)


Sunday, January 29.


Some scenes from the Classic Corvettes of Orlando show

06-100_0266s.jpg (260293 bytes)  06-100_0282s.jpg (308530 bytes)

06-100_0284s.jpg (242821 bytes)  06-100_0285s.jpg (292473 bytes)

06-100_0289s.jpg (245127 bytes)  06-100_0293s.jpg (221720 bytes)

Monday, January 30.

The perfect weather had to end sometime, and the perfect timing
would have to be Monday, the day after most people left for home.

06-100_0308s.jpg (244894 bytes)
  06-100_0309s.jpg (239151 bytes)

Calling it a day in Statesville, NC.


Tuesday, January 31

Another day in Clark's Summit, PA.

Wednesday, February 1

Back home in Maine. No ugly weather or scary photos this time!

Computer fit, cont'd:

About an hour after heading South from Carlisle, my trusty laptop threw a fit.  The GPS on my Delorme map program froze, and I couldn't get it restarted. Plugging the receiver into a different usb port didn't help. Thinking it might be a problem with the receiver, I tried the usb connection to my camera: no response. OK, maybe it's a usb problem. I then tried the camera card directly in the built-in slot in the laptop: still no response! Next step was to check the Windows Device Manager for problem alerts. The Device Manager box opened up - EMPTY! What the *&$#%!
OK, looks like we might have a Windows problem! Since the laptop seemed to be working fine otherwise, and I could still use the map program, I just chilled, and figured I would work it out at the overnight stop. It was not to be - the laptop had lost any communication with anything outside its little plastic shell - meaning NO Internet and NO e-mail!!! Does that suck or what!
When I had a free moment at the Comfort Suites I contacted (who else but) Paul Eggermann for ideas. He did some research and quickly got back to me with a possible solution he had found: a simple configuration setting. When reset to what it should have been - IT WORKED! Thanks Paul!


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