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NCRS National Convention 2007
Best Western Royal Plaza
Marlborough, MA

July 22-26, 2007

This was the largest, most successful NCRS Convention ever!

Tuesday July 24

Leaving home for Marlborough MA.

One of the first cars I spotted on the judging floor was this beautiful '63 belonging to
friend Bill Nichols. Bill is a high level engineer with GM Powertrain. It is great to see
someone so intimately involved in the development of the new Vettes so involved
with the restoration of the old ones!

07_7552s.jpg (610987 bytes)
  07_7554s.jpg (671015 bytes)

More sights in the judging hall. They don't get better than this.
07_7557s.jpg (656183 bytes)
  07_7563s.jpg (745841 bytes)  07_7567s.jpg (684932 bytes)
07_7570s.jpg (708116 bytes)  07_7575s.jpg (743341 bytes)  07_7582s.jpg (725525 bytes)
07_7587s.jpg (739469 bytes)  07_7589s.jpg (633168 bytes)  07_7590s.jpg (640486 bytes)

There were a lot of Vettes outside in the hotel lot as well.
07_7603s.jpg (684388 bytes)

Wednesday July 25

From my window - yes, it's still there!
07_7609s.jpg (734100 bytes)

This was my setup for the event: Out in the parking lot,
collection jug under the hood and brochures under the wipers.

07_7613s.jpg (606461 bytes)

Bill Nichols in conversation while his 63 is judged. I got him
to autograph my fuel rail cover. That says Bill Nichols
PRTN 7-25-07.
(PRTN = Powertrain)
07_7622s.jpg (598445 bytes)
  07_7669s.jpg (751408 bytes)

GM styling exercise 58 Vette.
07_7656s.jpg (672115 bytes)
  07_7658s.jpg (636939 bytes)  07_7663s.jpg (1214864 bytes)

I've got more company in the "Red Section".
07_7679s.jpg (643807 bytes)

Dave & Glenda McLellan await the bus to the dinner at the Portuguese Club.
07_7713s.jpg (614832 bytes)
  07_7716s.jpg (784112 bytes)  07_7717s.jpg (844197 bytes)

Thursday July 26

Dave McLellan and Corvette Quarterly Editor Jerry Burton check out the show field.
07_7756s.jpg (664874 bytes)
  07_7758s.jpg (659426 bytes)

Final stats back home.


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