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January 26-29, 2011
Old Town; Kissimmee FL

Our Twelfth Year at this great event! A big THANK YOU to Ed Augustine and the NCRS Florida Chapter for your hospitality: $485.00 plus a match from NCRS = $970.00 raised for the American Cancer Society!

Tuesday, January 25

Departed Decatur right after work to (successfully) get ahead of an impending storm.

Clean-up-the-car-&-settle-in day.


All set up in our usual spot, right inside the Vendor gate.
11_2402.jpg (225845 bytes)
  11_2403.jpg (249142 bytes)  11_2405.jpg (221453 bytes)
11_2411.jpg (222794 bytes) 11_2412.jpg (220413 bytes) 11_2413.jpg (193771 bytes) 11_2414.jpg (177183 bytes)

Thursday evening & reception.
11_2433.jpg (206617 bytes)
 11_2436.jpg (153684 bytes) 11_2441.jpg (148445 bytes) 11_2443.jpg (158057 bytes)


Pics of the NCRS judging area.
11_2455.jpg (284096 bytes)
 11_2456.jpg (247062 bytes) 11_2457.jpg (223651 bytes) 11_2459.jpg (246846 bytes)
11_2460.jpg (207546 bytes) 11_2461.jpg (262978 bytes) 11_2462.jpg (256357 bytes) 11_2464.jpg (169490 bytes)

From my room: secured for the evening.
11_2466.jpg (227481 bytes)
  11_2467.jpg (228677 bytes)

Boooooo: Somewhere the remaining photos from Saturday and the trip home vaporized!

Total miles: 1435.


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