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NCRS Florida Chapter Winter Meet

January 9-12, 2008
Old Town; Kissimmee FL

Thanks to Ed Augustine and the NCRS Florida Chapter for their
generous hospitality for this our 8th consecutive year, 9 times overall.

We were able to generate $660.00 for the American Cancer Society,
and NCRS will match that amount!

After 2 years of good travel weather to this event preceded by 2 years of hideous travel weather on the return trip, I fully expected serious problems this year. Thankfully it didn't happen. I did lay over for a day in Scranton on the way back because of persistent snow showers, but didn't encounter any scary driving while on the road.


Friday Jan 4

5:21 am departure. Yes, both the thermometer in the kitchen window and the Corvette
display show 8 degrees below zero! Gotta love those heated seats!


This is what it looked like in the daylight as I began loading a couple days earlier.
08_2550w.jpg (142722 bytes)
  08_2551w.jpg (119615 bytes)
(I found out that 3 days after the 8 below, the temp hit 65 with heavy rain,
so most of that snow vanished.)


Saturday Jan 5
was spent at a family gathering in Philadelphia for my Mom's 91st birthday. 


Sunday Jan 6

After the family scattered Sunday afternoon, I headed on toward warmer climes.


Monday Jan 7

Departing the Sleep Inn off I-81 in Dublin, VA.


Tuesday Jan 8
After a night at the HoJo Inn in Kissimmee (nice room $32!), I spent the day
running errands, washing the car and getting my site set up.


Wednesday Jan 9

08_2693.jpg (240563 bytes)
Home for the next few days, thanks to Ed Augustine.


Thursday Jan 10

Our site, right inside the Vendor gate.
08_2703w.jpg (164636 bytes)
  08_2706w.jpg (188990 bytes)  08_2708.jpg (88326 bytes)
08_2710w.jpg (177676 bytes)  08_2714w.jpg (202174 bytes)

By good karma or something, our C6 was pointed right at Sponsor Bair's Corvettes.
Check left side of rear bumper.

08_2719w.jpg (154185 bytes)

Dave & Glenda McLellan spotted cruising the field.
08_2723c.jpg (270609 bytes)


Friday Jan 11

Friend and co-conspirator in the war against cancer, Richard Fleming, was there again to help the cause. He donated these three classic Corvette prints to be auctioned at the banquet. He also helped at my display when not showing off the Grand Sport replica he had on display. Under the red cover... I can't believe I didn't get a photo of the car, but trust me, it looked like this one he had at Carlisle, only blue!

08_2744w.jpg (202096 bytes)  08_2746w.jpg (213941 bytes)
08_2725w.jpg (157673 bytes)  07_0270.jpg (846168 bytes)

Thanks to Richard, I was able to check out the NCRS judging area.
08_2730w.jpg (211044 bytes)
  08_2733w.jpg (204669 bytes)  08_2737w.jpg (247074 bytes)


Saturday Jan 12

Another tough winter day in paradise!
08_2753w.jpg (215565 bytes)

For a minimum $25 to the American Cancer Society, donors can sign the underside
of the hood to become a permanent part of our mission. It was a special
pleasure to have Suzie Gietzen join that group. 

08_2712w.jpg (161969 bytes)
  08_2755w.jpg (138511 bytes)  08_2757w.jpg (106289 bytes)
Suzie was one of the "Chip's Choice" ladies at Carlisle with Sandy
in 1999. Suzie at far left; Sandy, 2nd lady from right.

chipsladies.jpg (115320 bytes)

Awards banquet Saturday night, and the 50/50 pot.
08_2766w.jpg (101307 bytes)
  08_2770w.jpg (112154 bytes)  08_2769w.jpg (123020 bytes)


Sunday Jan 13

With threatening weather, I skipped the local show at Old Town and headed North.
08_2774w.jpg (66543 bytes)
08_2777w.jpg (68269 bytes)  08_2779w.jpg (78286 bytes)


Monday Jan 14

On the road again after another night at the same Dublin VA Sleep Inn.
(Note: the trip odometer resets @ 2000 miles, so that's really 2613.7 miles.)
08_2785w.jpg (58709 bytes)

 By the middle of PA it was snowing. Scranton airport reported heavy snow
and 1/4 mile visibility. It was short-lived, but time to stop for the night anyway.
It never got scary.

  08_2791w.jpg (70153 bytes)


Tuesday Jan 15

Comfort Inn, Clark's Summit (just N of Scranton). Low 20s and the forecast of
snow showers all the way home convinced me to stay put for the day. I really didn't
see any pressing need to test those Michelin PS2s on snow...

08_2792w.jpg (170374 bytes)


Wednesday Jan 16

At least it had stopped snowing and the forecast was clear all the way to Maine...
once I got out of the parking lot!

08_2800w.jpg (153929 bytes)
08_2802w.jpg (62604 bytes)

And this is what greeted me at home. All that snow was new since the big Jan 7 thaw.
08_2806w.jpg (151482 bytes)

Final stats. Yes, it was 38 degrees warmer than when I left.
08_2807w.jpg (63631 bytes)  08_2808w.jpg (62152 bytes)  08_2809w.jpg (62859 bytes)  08_2810w.jpg (64131 bytes)  08_2811w.jpg (70694 bytes)
FYI: That 66.7 average speed for this trip includes 2 days in Philadelphia and 6 days
in Disney region. And that 26.0 mpg is the average for the last 21,000 miles,
on REGULAR gas! Not too shabby for 400 hp...


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