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NCM Benefit Show
Corvette Club of Rhode Island and For Corvettes Only
October 8, 2006 (Oct. 1 was rained out)
Olde Mistick Village; Mystic, CT

Leaving home for the 270 mile trip to Mystic.

An unbelievably nice day brought about 200 Vettes to the show.
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Callaway had some cars there.
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  06_3909.jpg (227248 bytes)

Here is my "Celebrity Pick": The first Corvette I ever saw in person was a
Pennant Blue '54 just like this beautiful example. That was in 1954; I was 12;
I got a ride in it! Unforgettable!!

06_3936.jpg (253036 bytes)
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That glass top on that silver C6 actually came with my car (2 top option)!
I decided I didn't need both tops and sold it last spring. Here they are sort of reunited.

06_3922.jpg (266018 bytes)

Packed up and ready to head north. That's the Mystic Aquarium behind the trees.
06_3944.jpg (180558 bytes)

Home again...


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