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September 3-5, 2009


One of the advantages to living in Northern Alabama, as opposed
to Maine, is that now the drive to the National Corvette Museum is
under 3 hours, not a day and a half, and a tank of gas round trip!

The Museum's 15th Anniversary was a very big deal,
with Caravans coming in from all over the country.
I hadn't planned on going, just because I felt Corvettes Conquer Cancer
would be lost in the mob. About 2 weeks before, I relented, got a room at
my usual Microtel in Bowling Green and prepared to hit the road.


Friday September 4

Departure @ 5:52am

Arrival @ 8:38
09_7020.jpg (75042 bytes)

When I got there, parked in my Special Donor reserved space on the circle and started looking around I realized that it wasn't nearly as mobbed as I expected. The traffic was extremely well managed, with all of the Caravan cars parked off-site around town, and a constant stream of shuttle busses running all day. Inside I expected wall to wall vendors, but it actually seemed like there might be space for me to set up a display. I just happened to have everything still in the back from Carlisle the week before.

09_7023.jpg (149991 bytes)

I tracked down Facilities & Displays Manager, Bob Hellmann, and asked him if
he had a space for an impromptu display. "How's this?" he asked, and pulled out an
8' table for me! So there I was, the first space inside the Conference Center, just off
Corvette Boulevard! Half the usual table space, but beggars can't be choosey.  Thanks Bob!

09_7038.jpg (184609 bytes)
  09_7039.jpg (152727 bytes)

Right outside the door was this. More later...
09_7044.jpg (153659 bytes)
  09_7046.jpg (155550 bytes)


Saturday September 5

Back in front @ 8:30am
09_7109.jpg (152202 bytes)

The unveiling: Crouching behind the Transformers Stingray are
Tom Peters (C6 Designer) and Jerry Palmer (C4 Designer).

09_7115.jpg (196276 bytes)
  09_7117.jpg (169665 bytes)  09_7118.jpg (155962 bytes)
Click for video

"Hiawathaland Corvettes" added their name to the underside of the hood,
for a donation to the American Cancer Society.

09_7131.jpg (102815 bytes)
  09_7137.jpg (164685 bytes)

The highlight of the weekend: Tom Peters got into "Stingray" and actually
DROVE it outside for a better view. Never guessed that it was actually a drivable car!
I had seen photos of it before and wasn't impressed. In person, I LOVED IT!

09_7138.jpg (151944 bytes)
  09_7139.jpg (163708 bytes)  09_7170.jpg (147115 bytes)
09_7143.jpg (115447 bytes)  09_7144.jpg (143653 bytes)  09_7158.jpg (147481 bytes)  09_7177.jpg (113615 bytes)

Back inside, there it is, right outside the door from my display.
09_7185.jpg (143095 bytes)
  09_7198.jpg (153487 bytes)

No trip to the NCM would be complete w/o a visit to Sandy's Brick...
09_7243.jpg (221321 bytes)


Sunday September 6

The 15th Anniversary event over, I took my time packing up, then took a
leisurely tour of the expanded Museum.

I was pleased to find the retired Maine "Lobster" plate DIDNTW8
(from the Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5) on display
in the newly completed "Enthusiast" section!

09_7315.jpg (59887 bytes)
  09_7320.jpg (163781 bytes)

Right around the corner was this spectacular collection of Corvette
concept cars, starting with the original Sting Ray.

09_7354.jpg (162021 bytes)
  09_7357.jpg (137005 bytes)  09_7355.jpg (157991 bytes)  09_7358.jpg (151691 bytes)  09_7362.jpg (155910 bytes)  09_7365.jpg (128005 bytes)  09_7371.jpg (146383 bytes)  09_7376.jpg (148608 bytes)  09_7380.jpg (143605 bytes)

Roland Roth's new pride & joy Z06!
09_7401.jpg (114057 bytes)

Back home by 3:45. Gotta love being this close!


Thanks to Bob Hellmann for accommodating us
on the spur of the moment.
Thanks to him we were able to send the
$385.00 we collected to the
Bowling Green office of the American Cancer Society!


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