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Fundraiser for
Corvettes Conquer Cancer

Hosted by
Gate City Corvette Club

Boire Field Airport; Nashua, NH
June 29, 2002

This event actually was conceived on March 17. Click this link for that background. After 3 months of hard work by Paula Beauregard and Randy Wynn, with help from a lot of other Gate City C.C. members, the hangar in Nashua came to life. With 7 Corvettes and a jet as party decorations inside, about 175 people enjoyed an excellent buffet dinner and a GREAT blues band. Another 30-40 Vettes graced the apron in front of the hangar. A surprise appearance by the Blues Brothers (aka Gary & Tom) was a big hit.

Thanks to the hard work by Paula and Randy, backed up by
Gate City Corvette Club, the evening of fun netted about
for the American Cancer Society and Corvettes Conquer Cancer.

Everybody was so pleased with this event that the decision has already been made to make this AN ANNUAL FUNDRAISER!

Thank you Paula, Randy
and Gate City!

Start from home.
DCP_5416s.jpg (34909 bytes)

Boire Field comes to life.
P1010008s.jpg (54964 bytes)
  P1010009s.jpg (57515 bytes)

Where else would you find Corvettes and a jet as party decorations?
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DCP_5437s.jpg (40308 bytes)  FR02-5448s.jpg (49600 bytes)

Me with son-in-law and daughter, Nils & Christy.
DCP_5432s.jpg (45102 bytes)

Surprise appearance by the Blues Brothers!
DCP_5460s.jpg (22419 bytes)
  DCP_5471s.jpg (25208 bytes)  DCP_5472s.jpg (31364 bytes)

Jake & Elwood with Paula Beauregard, the driving force behind this event.
DCP_5482s.jpg (35051 bytes)

The "Brothers" with their better halves: Tom & Charlene, Gary & Cheryl.
DCP_5487s.jpg (36213 bytes)

The "Groove Cats" kept the dance floor jumping.
DCP_5473s.jpg (24956 bytes)
  DCP_5478s.jpg (31788 bytes)  DCP_5480s.jpg (25063 bytes)

Home again from a great event.
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  DCP_5493s.jpg (41215 bytes)


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