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2nd Annual Fundraiser
for Corvettes Conquer Cancer

Gate City Corvette Club
Nashua Airport, Nashua, NH
August 9, 2003

wpe25.jpg (33113 bytes)

Thanks to Paula Beauregard and the wonderful people of the Gate City Corvette Club
for this great event. The new hangar was beautiful (look at the shine on that floor!),
the food was great and the "Groove Cats" band was again terrific.

But the bottom line:
this event produced $5577.50  for our mission!
This amount was sent to the American Cancer Society office in Bedford, NH.
This is a new record for a regional event, narrowly edging out the
C5 Registry's Maine2003 event in June!

Not entirely coincidentally, this party fell on
Sandy's birthday: She would have been 57.
Happy Birthday, Sandy. We had a great party!


On the way down to Nashua from Maine, we marked this milestone:
DCP_2985s.jpg (56824 bytes)
  DCP_2988s.jpg (48729 bytes)

The weather was kind to us.
DCP_2998s.jpg (69443 bytes)  DCP_3000s.jpg (74320 bytes)

DCP_2990s.jpg (75324 bytes)  DCP_2993s.jpg (74523 bytes)

Party decorations
DCP_3002s.jpg (73936 bytes)

I had slide shows projecting on that nice white wall all evening, and videos later on.
DCP_2995s.jpg (59329 bytes)

Feed them and they will come...
DCP_3007s.jpg (77841 bytes)  DCP_3009s.jpg (90900 bytes)

The Groove Cats kept them dancing.
image016[1].jpg (67112 bytes)
  image021[1].jpg (72179 bytes)

Cleanup crew Sunday morning.
DCP_3027s.jpg (74512 bytes)

The trip home Sunday saw a lot of this:
DCP_3038s.jpg (43546 bytes)

How much gas does a C5 take? This would be it:
The fill-up after coasting up to the pump!

wpe23.jpg (35070 bytes)

Final stats for the trip:
wpe2C.jpg (23162 bytes)
  wpe2E.jpg (22011 bytes)


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