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Gate City Corvette Club Fundraiser
for Corvettes Conquer Cancer

Boire Field (Nashua Airport), Nashua, NH
August 13, 2005

This great event is growing by leaps and bounds! If I heard the numbers right: 250 tickets vs. 150 last year. In addition, two attending clubs each promised to double their club's participation next year! The money raised was, if anything, even more impressive: After all the expenses, the event brought in $11,000!

Of this, $9,000 goes to the American Cancer Society, and $2,000 will help Corvettes Conquer Cancer continue with our mission.

Thank You
Gate City Corvette Club!
And Thank You Paula Beauregard for getting this started in 2002!

Saturday, August 13

This was the scene outside the hanger on this very warm evening as
clubs, independents and even non-Corvette people gathered to
enjoy good company for a good cause.

05_8513.jpg (157666 bytes)
  05_8516.jpg (137811 bytes)  05_8520.jpg (115622 bytes)

And this was inside.
05_8522.jpg (149843 bytes)
  05_8529.jpg (156729 bytes)
05_8524.jpg (128997 bytes)
  05_8525.jpg (118491 bytes)

A couple of the more interesting auction items: A fender off THE PILOT C6 Z06, the very first one to go down the production line,
and a pair of Corvette Trivia games - the prototype (top) and the final version, donated by National Corvette Museum founder Dan Gale's widow, Karen.

05_8527.jpg (159269 bytes)  05_8539.jpg (198960 bytes)

Exotic entertainment(?!) complemented DJ Richie O's great music.
05_8551.jpg (153275 bytes)

Hank Vezina may have found a new career as an auctioneer.
05_8570.jpg (149563 bytes)
  05_8571.jpg (204496 bytes)

This item was the piece of tablecloth that Dave McLellan used
as a sketchpad in Monterey, then gave to me.

05_8572.jpg (137274 bytes)
         DCP_7607s.jpg (43613 bytes) DCP_7608s.jpg (61273 bytes)


Sunday, August 14

After a late but relaxing night at the Feidlers' home in Londonderry, I returned home, 


...getting acquainted with what was to be my constant traveling companion
for the next few weeks: the OTHER front fender from the pilot Z06!
See more about that one in the reports on the next few events.

05_8581.jpg (165081 bytes)
  05_8582.jpg (171786 bytes)  05_8583.jpg (133003 bytes)


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