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Vettes in the Village
Olde Mistick Village
Mystic, CT
October 7, 2007


The start from my daughter's house in Bedford, MA,
just as the mist began to fall.

07_2195s.jpg (262895 bytes)
      07_2191s.jpg (480999 bytes)


An incredible turnout! (The rain fizzled out)
07_2198s.jpg (377098 bytes)


My celebrity pick; yes, another '62!
07_2206s.jpg (526605 bytes)
  07_2208s.jpg (1158892 bytes)


For her $25 donation to the American Cancer Society, Tabitha Russi signed
the underside of our hood in memory of her father, whose '78 she shows proudly.

07_2212s.jpg (427439 bytes)  007_2210c.jpg (355821 bytes)  07_2209s.jpg (495010 bytes)


My Callaway neighbor.
07_2216s.jpg (521344 bytes)


Views from our spot.
07_2217s.jpg (484152 bytes)
  07_2218s.jpg (474612 bytes)


Back home again.
07_2228s.jpg (204517 bytes)
  07_2229s.jpg (208631 bytes)  07_2230s.jpg (215630 bytes)


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