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30th Annual Mt. Melee
Seacoast Vettes
Lincoln, NH
Sept. 4-7, 2003

Saturday, 9/6

Although Del Liberty invited me to Mt. Melee for the whole weekend of activities which began Thursday night, I felt obligated to stay near home for the American Cancer Society Corvette Raffle drawing. This was held at Strong Chevrolet in Damariscotta, ME at 1:00 on Saturday. Sandy started this major fundraiser for ACS in 1989, and it has generated well over $1,000,000 for them since then.

The raffle did very well this year, selling 1508 of a possible 1550 tickets at $100. The Corvette was a fully loaded 50th Anniversary Coupe, thanks to help with the upgrade from the base model courtesy of Chevrolet's New England office. See the newspaper article below for further information about the raffle and the winner.

DCP_3501s.jpg (101916 bytes)  DCP_3504s.jpg (92658 bytes)
lcn 03 acs raffle winner.jpg (311694 bytes)

On the road to Lincoln, NH.
DCP_3505s.jpg (59603 bytes)

Arrival at the Beacon Motel after a spectacular drive through the NH mountains.
DCP_3509s.jpg (116565 bytes)
  DCP_3511s.jpg (119384 bytes)  DCP_3513s.jpg (79575 bytes)

At the banquet:
DCP_3516s.jpg (79041 bytes)
  DCP_3521s.jpg (73679 bytes)  DCP_3541s.jpg (81718 bytes)  DCP_3550s.jpg (60698 bytes)

2 costumes, same guy:
Perpetual over-the-top costume king, Randy Flock

DCP_3538s.jpg (138635 bytes)
  DCP_3542s.jpg (85588 bytes)

Del honors 3 couples who had attended Mt. Melee ALL 30 years!
DCP_3531s.jpg (60832 bytes)

Sunday, 9/7

Kankamagus Highway back from Lincoln to Conway, NH.
DCP_3553s.jpg (62712 bytes)

In Conway, I decided that the weather was just too perfect to go directly home. Instead, I turned left on Rt. 16 toward Mt. Washington. The last time I had driven up to the top of Mt. Washington was in October of 1978, with Sandy and our (then) 8 year old daughter in our beloved '63 Convertible.

DCP_3564s.jpg (76345 bytes)  DCP_3572s.jpg (65299 bytes)  DCP_3582s.jpg (71323 bytes)

The Mt. Washington Auto Road.
DCP_3583s.jpg (96100 bytes)  DCP_3594s.jpg (57168 bytes)  DCP_3595s.jpg (58910 bytes)  DCP_3597s.jpg (48626 bytes)
DCP_3600s.jpg (54111 bytes)  DCP_3605s.jpg (43569 bytes)
Getting up into that cloud on the summit.
DCP_3611s.jpg (45267 bytes)
  DCP_3612s.jpg (40468 bytes)

At the top. GPS shows Elevation 6221 ft in the parking lot.
The cloud at the summit was so thick it was very disorienting.
DCP_3619s.jpg (82282 bytes)  DCP_3631s.jpg (81766 bytes)  DCP_3639s.jpg (45027 bytes)

Climbers around the sign marking the Summit.
DCP_3641s.jpg (36789 bytes)

Looking down at the Vette from the top of the stairs.
As you can tell, you had to look closely to see it!

DCP_3646s.jpg (31705 bytes)  DCP_3647s.jpg (20397 bytes)

Believe it or not, on a rare really clear day, you can see Maine's Cadillac Mountain,
the Atlantic Ocean and Cape Cod from here!

The return down from the cloud.
DCP_3663s.jpg (65749 bytes)
  DCP_3671s.jpg (68016 bytes)  DCP_3674s.jpg (79100 bytes)

And here's my certificate!
Mt Washington 1.jpg (162447 bytes)

Back home again.
DCP_3686s.jpg (57447 bytes)
  DCP_3687s.jpg (52306 bytes)


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