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Making Strides 2001

American Cancer Society Breast Cancer March

Damariscotta, Maine
October 14, 2001

In spite of the gloomy weather and occasional light mist, the turnout for
Damariscotta's 4th Making Strides was fantastic.
DCP_3372.JPG (68363 bytes)

Here the breast cancer survivors release balloons.
DCP_3378.JPG (63990 bytes)  DCP_3379.JPG (30901 bytes)

For the 3rd year we led  the marchers.
(The 1999  event was the last public function Sandy ever attended.)

DCP_3385.JPG (96537 bytes)
  DCP_3383.JPG (72272 bytes)

After the march, organizer Carol Wise announced the grand
total for the fund-raising effort for Damariscotta:

DCP_3404.JPG (95826 bytes)
  DCP_3413.JPG (96507 bytes)
Over $93,000 for the
American Cancer Society!


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