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Shortly after I got the 2006, Chuck Mallett donated a set of his beautiful wheels,  complete with Michelin PS2 tires. What a delight they were, especially in contrast to the Goodyear SuperCar tires that the car came with! The Goodyears had a wicked tendency to follow worn ruts on highway road surfaces, and were a real handful if the ruts were pronounced. With the Michelins, you couldn't even feel the ruts! Plus, they ride better, are much quieter and better in the rain!

The fact that the PS2s were not run-flats had me really concerned at first, considering the load I carry and how many miles I put on the car. As a precaution I filled up the left well in the trunk with a foot pump, a plug kit and (for the worst possible case scenario) a can of Fix-A-Flat.

I only had them on the car for 2 weeks when a friend who was seeing them for the first time at a club outing noticed a nail in the left rear tire. Oh great! I kept one eye on the tire pressure readout for the 150 mile drive home, and the pressure didn't change. The next day I gingerly tried pulling the nail out. It was about an inch in from the sidewall and perpendicular to the tread. It was a shiny new ring nail (used for flooring; they have ribs
on the shank to prevent them from working loose). I had it pulled out about 1.5 inches and could still feel the ribs ripping through the steel belt. At that point I just gently pushed it back in where it came from! I monitored the pressure frequently and just just drove it.

The tire lost at most 1 lb a month (and the nail survived 160 mph...). My concerns about not having run-flats gradually faded. 35,000 miles and 16 months later they were ready for replacement!

Enter Amy Batt.

I figured the guys at Corvette Racing could give me a contact at Michelin since the C6-R was now racing on them. Sure enough, they put me in touch with Amy at Michelin North America. She caused a new set of PS2s to magically appear on my front porch on October 29, 2007.

Here's Amy Batt when I met her at the C5/C6 Bash in April of '08.
08_0186w.jpg (217999 bytes)
  08_0188w.jpg (221077 bytes)  08_0189w.jpg (226846 bytes)
She was there because the new Corvette ZR1 comes with Michelins from the factory!
08_3050w.jpg (151292 bytes)

We are now (Feb. 2014) on our 4th set of PS2s provided by Michelin. The last set were replaced a year ago at 55,000 miles! The backs were just getting into the wear indicator bars. The fronts still had some miles left in them.

55k miles on ultra high performance tires - that's incredible!

Now we have the decals to go with the tires...

101_0532cw.jpg (195990 bytes)
  101_0531cw.jpg (240852 bytes)  101_0528cw.jpg (213198 bytes)  101_0525w.jpg (211809 bytes)  101_0527w.jpg (291248 bytes)  101_0506cw.jpg (192909 bytes)

Thank you Amy, her replacement Carrie Woodward,
and Michelin North America for helping
Corvettes (on Michelins!) Conquer Cancer!