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Making Strides
Breast Cancer Walk for the American Cancer Society
Damariscotta, ME
Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is always a very moving event for me.

For the tenth year, the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Vette led the participants on a 3 mile walk to raise money for the American Cancer Society. The first year we did this, 1999, was Sandy's last public appearance.


I arrived about 12:30.  Registration opened at 1:00; the walk started at 2:00
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Webber Energy had their pink "Delivering For A Cure"  truck there. 
08_4437.jpg (118298 bytes)

The registration tent preps for the onslaught.
08_4443.jpg (118328 bytes)

While back away from the street at one point I heard horns blowing out front. I turned in time to see a bunch of Vettes going by, and ran out in time to catch the last of about a dozen Vettes from Corvette Club of Rhode Island snaking down the street. I was at their show in Mystic CT just last week. The last car in line is Randy & Judy Flock.

08_4445.jpg (275100 bytes)

As departure time approached, the place was packed!
Organizer Carol Wise gave instructions.

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Sharon Rose, guest celebrity and my favorite local news anchor from WCSH-6,
spoke passionately about the event and the cause.

08_4473.jpg (132565 bytes)
(Her husband, Chris Rose, was the WCSH-6 reporter who interviewed me
during the Tour For A Cure back in May)

Cancer Survivors were presented with flowers.
08_4481.jpg (151184 bytes)

Normally I am following the blue lights of the escorting police cruiser, but this year
I was leading, on my own to find the route. Fortunately, there were guide marshals
at crucial intersections so I didn't lead us astray.

08_4485.jpg (120243 bytes)
  08_4488.jpg (133803 bytes)

Carol Wise announced at the end that this day had raised a preliminary amount of $120,000. Fantastic by itself, but bringing the total for the 11 years this event has been running to over $1,000,000. Incredible for such a small town!

08_4491.jpg (156922 bytes)

Short as my trips go, but oh, so rewarding!


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