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October 14, 2007
Damariscotta, ME

Making Strides: Breast Cancer Walk for ACS

This has been an annual event for us since 1999, which was actually
the last public event that Sandy ever attended. In her memory we have
led the walkers in the CCC Corvette every year since then.


First stop was buying Sandy's "Footprint"
07_2240s.jpg (392374 bytes)


At the Registration tent we were able to leave a check for $600.
07_2244s.jpg (467645 bytes)


Out front the Vette was poised to lead the walkers.
07_2247s.jpg (412669 bytes)


Organizer extraordinaire Carol Wise introduced WCSH 6 news anchor
Sharon Rose, the guest celebrity.

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  07_2262s.jpg (496045 bytes)


The spirit of the participants was incredible!
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Well, Carol and her incredible team did it again:
This event raised over
for the American Cancer Society: what
a great way to end the season!


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