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Maine 06 C5/C6 Registry Weekend
Parkwood Inn
Brunswick, ME
July 7-9, 2006

This event in recent years has been the biggest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society of any Corvette event that we have the privilege of participating in. This year was no exception. In its 7th edition, organizer Russ Caron and the dedicated participants managed to produce $12,000.00 this weekend, and that number will increase as we find the right home for a pair of left-over auction items.

Friday, July 7

Let the good times begin!

The scene at the Parkwood when I arrived.
06_1935.jpg (222225 bytes)
  06_1939.jpg (306463 bytes)

The ride to Estes Lobster House for dinner.
06_1940.jpg (232929 bytes)
  06_1946.jpg (161482 bytes)  06_1947.jpg (156660 bytes)
06_1955.jpg (153352 bytes)  06_1961.jpg (153071 bytes)  06_1963.jpg (160612 bytes)

As the sun set over the deck, Ed Licht called event regulars
Ruth & Bernard Hochberg in NJ to let them know we missed them!

06_1968.jpg (128831 bytes)
  06_1969.jpg (186840 bytes)

Saturday, July 8

Steve & Bev Adams led us on a GREAT road cruise of classic Maine
coastal scenery, first to Ocean Point, and...

06_1970.jpg (152153 bytes)
  06_1988.jpg (116992 bytes)  06_1991.jpg (138147 bytes)
06_1993.jpg (208853 bytes)  06_2000.jpg (199424 bytes)

... after a Mickey D pit stop in Damariscotta,
06_2010.jpg (178721 bytes)

 to Chamberlain.
06_2017.jpg (133801 bytes)
  06_2018.jpg (155093 bytes)  06_2042.jpg (176271 bytes)

Then it was back to organizer Russ Caron's house for a first class cook-out.

Coincidence? I think not!
06_2048.jpg (179448 bytes)

This angle certainly shows the extra width of our new Mallett wheels w/Michelins
in direct comparison with the factory C6 behind ours. Thanks Chuck!

06_2052.jpg (370300 bytes)

After a free afternoon for shopping in Freeport or whatever, it was back
to the Parkwood for Mexican, followed by silent and live auctions.

06_2056.jpg (105780 bytes)

Top item to sell was a die-cast of the #3 C5-R driven by Dale Earnhart (Sr. & Jr.)
and Andy Pilgrim. Donated by Wade Mertz (light shirt), who personally had it autographed by
the above drivers, it was purchased by Joe Paganini (red shirt) for $1200! Thank you Wade & Joe!

06_2057.jpg (215107 bytes)

Another interesting item (that did not sell) was this pair of ZR-1 cam covers donated by Steve & Bev Adams. They are raw castings - never seen a machine tool. They are some level of prototype, as they have significant differences from the production version. I agreed to take them with me in my travels to find out exactly what they are. We will then auction them at a future date. (Note: Mission accomplished - see NCM Labor Day for the answer)

06_2087.jpg (105462 bytes)  06_2088.jpg (147720 bytes)

Another very cool item donated by Steve & Bev is this banner that flew from the Corvette Racing Pavilion at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in '05. The photo at the right shows it flying on the Pavilion at Le Mans. Steve & Bev bought it at last year's Maine2005 event when it was donated by Frank Genova. Bidding didn't reach last year's level, so I agreed to take it on tour to find a better venue and to pump up its value with significant autographs. (Note: Again, mission accomplished - see NCM Labor Day for the answer)

05_8370s.jpg (826778 bytes)  Le Mans 05 banner s.jpg (197639 bytes)

Sunday, July 9

The guests went on a beautiful boat cruise out of Boothbay Harbor... and shopped.

Sunday evening everybody congregated at the Taste of Maine
for a great dinner and the weekend awards. 

06_2115.jpg (167484 bytes)
  06_2118.jpg (251359 bytes)
06_2120.jpg (182968 bytes)  06_2123.jpg (188148 bytes)  06_2126.jpg (215565 bytes)

Russ presented Ed & Ilene Licht with the top award for the most $ produced
for the American Cancer Society, for the third year in a row!

06_2158.jpg (172416 bytes)

The end of another fun and productive weekend with great people
enjoying each other through the cars that we love.
Thanks, Russ!


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