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6th Annual Official C5/C6 Registry Regional Event
Parkwood Inn; Brunswick, Maine
July 8-10, 2005

This event, created and coordinated by Russ Caron, has become the
runaway biggest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society
of any that we participate in. It is also the most fun!

The total for ACS as of this posting stands at $20,000!
That will be going higher, because a donated St. Maarten
vacation is being sold on E-Bay.

Friday, July 8

The first thing that caught my eye when I arrived at the Parkwood (after a slightly abbreviated day at work) was John Wakefield from the Corvette Plant showing off this Velocity Yellow 2006 Z06! This is an early "evaluation" car; regular production of saleable cars won't begin until around August 1. With an aluminum frame and 505 horsepower, maybe it should be called "Screaming Yellow!"

05_8051s.jpg (837408 bytes)  05_8052s.jpg (934026 bytes)

For dinner, we cruised down the chain of islands to Estes Lobster House.
05_8063s.jpg (711529 bytes)
  05_8066s.jpg (584923 bytes)

Since Frank Genova (yellow shirt) could not stay until the final banquet on Sunday,
Russ took the opportunity to present him with an appreciation plaque for his unique
ability to acquire unusual and highly collectible items for the Auction.
More on that below.
05_8070s.jpg (877537 bytes)

Saturday, July 9
Visit to the fabulous private collection of Bob and Sandra Bahre
on Paris Hill in Western Maine.

Pit stop in So. Paris, and orientation by Jeff Orwig (white shirt).
Jeff has the responsibility for keeping every one of these cars
ready to drive at a moment's notice.

05_8075s.jpg (753878 bytes)
  05_8085s.jpg (1032518 bytes)  05_8087s.jpg (940204 bytes)

Gorgeous '61 Ferrari. Can you say "Ferris Bueller"?
05_8090s.jpg (700801 bytes)

Studebaker! No, not a car, but...
05_8091s.jpg (887084 bytes)  05_8092s.jpg (1340897 bytes)

This '38 Alfa Romeo I first saw at the 2002 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance,
where it received the F.I.V.A. Award. One of only four known to exist, it is
estimated to be worth $10-15 Million.

05_8118s.jpg (830080 bytes)
  05_8165s.jpg (917156 bytes)
Photos I took at Pebble Beach 2002
02_9173s.jpg (940403 bytes)
  02_9174s.jpg (997505 bytes)

...so is this Mercedes.
05_8119s.jpg (802457 bytes)

Jeff shows off the star of the collection. Arguably the best Duesenberg in
the world, it was totally restored in Bahre's shop by Jeff and his staff.
It won the Best In Show at Pebble Beach!

05_8126s.jpg (989490 bytes)
  05_8128s.jpg (857498 bytes)

More samples of the Upstairs collection.
05_8135s.jpg (787150 bytes)
 05_8099s.jpg (144750 bytes)  05_8120s.jpg (136053 bytes)
05_8136s.jpg (741240 bytes)  05_8101s.jpg (142997 bytes)

Downstairs proved just as interesting.
05_8142s.jpg (1656906 bytes)
  05_8152s.jpg (815741 bytes)  

Jeff started 3 of the cars - the old wagon via hand crank.
  05_8175s.jpg (732945 bytes)  05_8177s.jpg (855650 bytes)

One of the 51 Tuckers ever made.
He has 2, and declined to allow their use in the "Tucker" movie.

05_8146s.jpg (840168 bytes)

This dual cowl Cadillac was built by GM for Harley Earl.
I saw it (and Jeff) at Pebble Beach in '02 also.

05_8147s.jpg (862592 bytes)
      02_9108s.jpg (200431 bytes)  02_9164s.jpg (712124 bytes)

Russ presents Jeff with a token of our appreciation for his
gracious hospitality and good humored & informative tour.

05_8161s.jpg (1532532 bytes)

So, what does the guy in charge of this incredible collection drive?
A Classic, of course... this Rambler Classic! (Hidden out back.)

05_classic.jpg (82419 bytes)

(In reality, he also drives all of the collection: his goal
is to run a tank of gas through every one, every year!)

The front of the main collection building, and the house above. The house,
fyi, was originally owned by Hannibal Hamlin, who was Lincoln's VP!

05_8180s.jpg (708710 bytes)
      05_8181s.jpg (677431 bytes)

We reluctantly let Jeff go back to work, and headed off in two groups:
the Freeport Shopping group and the Touring group.
No choice there: Touring, led by Steve & Bev Adams.
And a great lunch at Mac's Grille in Auburn.

05_8197s.jpg (688344 bytes)
  05_8198s.jpg (536334 bytes)  05_8209s.jpg (194615 bytes)

Then we enjoyed some more "spirited" touring, ending at the Adams' house
in Woolwich. There we put the Z06 on Steve's lift for a close inspection of
all the hidden goodies underneath. Neat stuff like the factory exhaust
"bypass" and the dry sump oil system.

05_8234s.jpg (766766 bytes)
  05_8247s.jpg (831624 bytes)  05_8254s.jpg (708116 bytes)

John repaired the dislodged front lip, and will be working
on a design change to address the problem.

05_8274s.jpg (747403 bytes)

This photo op was Steve's reward for the use of his lift.
05_8267s.jpg (756038 bytes)

Sunday, July 10

Scenes from the spectacular scenic boat ride from Boothbay Harbor.
05_8301s.jpg (689669 bytes)
  05_8305s.jpg (545561 bytes)  05_8308s.jpg (615348 bytes)
05_8324s.jpg (595727 bytes)  05_8332s.jpg (702816 bytes) 
05_8352s.jpg (753892 bytes)

Final banquet at the Taste of Maine Sunday evening.

Bidders line the Silent Auction tables.
05_8369s.jpg (811787 bytes)

This huge banner was Frank Genova's contribution: This flew from the
Chevrolet pavilion trackside at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June. Framed
photo shows it hanging on the building. It will be autographed by all
of the Corvette C6-R team drivers.

05_8370s.jpg (826778 bytes)
  05_8371s.jpg (1012962 bytes)

05_8382s.jpg (616890 bytes)  05_8386s.jpg (769630 bytes)

The Silent Auction bids are closed, and checks are written.
05_8389s.jpg (1512002 bytes)

The Banner was a live auction. Steve Adams was the high bidder at $900 -
with the stipulation that everybody in attendance had to sign it!

05_8400s.jpg (599631 bytes)

While Russ tallied up all the money, I spoke briefly and fielded questions about
Corvettes Conquer Cancer, what we have done and what we hope
to be doing in the future for the American Cancer Society.

Russ then announced the grand total collected for
the American Cancer Society of $19,444!

While everybody was cheering and congratulation ourselves, Doc Tobia
quietly got up, went up to Russ and wrote a check to round the total up to

Thank you to every one of the very special people who made
this event so enjoyable and such a spectacular fundraiser,
especially Russ Caron who put it all together.

The usual final statistics: This is probably the lowest miles I covered
for any event, and it was by far the highest dollar amount raised!


Monday, July 11

The event was over, but I stopped by the Parkwood in my company car to see the
departing friends off. John Wakefield offered me a ride in the Z06. It was a tough
decision, but I took him up on it. Let's just say that he achieved 2 personal bests
from the instrumentation during that ride...

05_8409s.jpg (1009287 bytes)
  05_8412s.jpg (747329 bytes)  05_8414s.jpg (636641 bytes)

Final shot leaving town as we lined up at the traffic light, both heading back to work
in our company cars; me in my Escort, John in his Screaming Yellow Z06.
Thanks, John!

05_8418s.jpg (653342 bytes)


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