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"LRCC's Corvette Show"
May 20, 2006
Reedman Toll Chevrolet
Langhorne, PA

Liberty Region Corvette Club was by far
the highest $ Club sponsor of our new C6!

Thursday, May 18

Leaving Maine for Philadelphia.

Friday, May 19

View through my parents' living room window. They still live in this house
that I grew up in, which they bought in 1942 when I was 3 months old!

06_1134s.jpg (188237 bytes)

Time for a quick trip to Paul Eggermann's house in Milltown NJ, where he
installed the last of his spectacular graphics: the front fender
"In Memory Of" panel. Yeah, it was pouring when I got there!

06_1139s.jpg (197176 bytes)
  06_1145s.jpg (233076 bytes)  06_1152s.jpg (327009 bytes)

Saturday, May 20

The Liberty Region C.C. show was about 45 minutes from my parents' house. There was a very interesting mix of stock and modified Vettes, all of them very nice! The weather was somewhat threatening most of the day, but only the wind caused any problem. Note the cinder blocks securing the legs of the tent!

06_1192s.jpg (249192 bytes)  06_1193s.jpg (247353 bytes)  100_1198s.jpg (217509 bytes)
06_1200s.jpg (231794 bytes)  100_1212s.jpg (206708 bytes)  06_1221s.jpg (317410 bytes)

Friend and sponsor Dick Borchers spent some time with us. He's the guy who flatbedded this car from Maine to Paul in NJ for the initial graphics, and then the rest of the way to Bowling Green. Thank you Borchers Towing Service!

06_1204s.jpg (135221 bytes)  06_1210s.jpg (195815 bytes)

On the way back to my folks' house for the night, I went by the apartment Sandy and I had when we first got married (2nd floor, right window), 1/2 mile up the street from the college where she was a senior, then Beaver College, now Arcadia University. Both are in Glenside, PA.

06_1226s.jpg (257062 bytes)  06_1229s.jpg (217382 bytes)

Sunday, May 21

Back in Maine by 4:15. 


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