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Lime Rock Rolex Vintage Festival
Lime Rock Park
Lime Rock, CT

August 30, 2003

This was a purely recreational day for me. I had no scheduled appearances, and I was fascinated by the vintage racing I first witnessed at the Monterey Historic Races in California a year ago ( 8/16/2002 and 8/17/2002). I decided at the last minute to make a day trip of it on Saturday of the Festival weekend. That would be the practice day. Sunday was a Concours d'Elegance show (racing is prohibited on Sunday!) and the actual racing was on Monday, the Labor Day holiday. It is a 5+ hour drive, but if I left at dawn, I figured I could spend a few hours at the track and still get home at a reasonable hour.

The day started early!
DCP_3248s.jpg (28393 bytes)

It seemed like the parking area
was all Porsches and BMWs

DCP_3249s.jpg (84360 bytes)

Interesting 'Vette-based racer from the past, with supercharged small-block:
The Bocar. Sounded BIG!

DCP_3271s.jpg (107686 bytes)
  DCP_3272s.jpg (112939 bytes)  DCP_3273s.jpg (128956 bytes)

Bugatti was the featured marque. 
DCP_3287s.jpg (119264 bytes)
  DCP_3383s.jpg (118079 bytes)  DCP_3282s.jpg (132453 bytes)  DCP_3283s.jpg (129136 bytes)

This one looked a little rough, a "barn find", but sounded awesome!
DCP_3288s.jpg (129265 bytes)

Yes, an Aston Martin wagon!
DCP_3304s.jpg (119530 bytes)

Penske Camaro and Ford GT40.
DCP_3328s.jpg (127480 bytes)
  DCP_3331s.jpg (117605 bytes)

When was the last time you saw a Messerschmidt?
Yes, they were built by the aircraft mfgr.

DCP_3342s3.jpg (76892 bytes)
  DCP_3344s.jpg (100372 bytes)

Beautifully crafted Volvo w/small-block Chevy power.
DCP_3354s.jpg (138404 bytes)

There were very few vintage Corvette racers.
DCP_3370s.jpg (124559 bytes)
  DCP_3361s.jpg (129399 bytes)

Panorama of the start-finish side of the track. What a beautiful facility!
DCP_3413s.jpg (76149 bytes)
  DCP_3412s.jpg (81678 bytes)  DCP_3411s.jpg (80615 bytes)  DCP_3410s.jpg (90619 bytes)

BMW was major sponsor. Here are a  few of the 20+ M1s.
DCP_3432s.jpg (78085 bytes)

The one and only Corvair based Fitch Phoenix,
and its always-dapper creator, John Fitch.

DCP_3439s.jpg (119760 bytes)
                       DCP_3441s.jpg (94951 bytes)

High ground view of the vendor area as I head back to the car.
DCP_3448s.jpg (106481 bytes)

Sunset over Portland.
DCP_3455s.jpg (76828 bytes)

Final stats: 11 hours on the road (including dinner on the way home),
3 hours on foot at Lime Rock Park.

DCP_3463s.jpg (28879 bytes)
  DCP_3464s.jpg (27615 bytes)

I will be back!!!


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