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Friday July 6, 2007

4:22 am departure!

Arrival at Lime Rock at 9:02, 310 miles.
07_6750s.jpg (738389 bytes)
  07_6752s.jpg (656826 bytes)

That 427 bellow announced that #3 was doing practice laps!
07_6772s.jpg (732452 bytes)

Speaking of laps, we got to do a few ourselves.
07_6774s.jpg (588099 bytes)
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07_6787s.jpg (592343 bytes)  07_6790s.jpg (545085 bytes)  07_6807s.jpg (548188 bytes)
07_6793s.jpg (561728 bytes)  07_6810s.jpg (570688 bytes)  07_6802s.jpg (576039 bytes)
07_6806s.jpg (669807 bytes)  DSC_0441_jpg.jpg (170387 bytes)  DSC_0500_jpg.jpg (169425 bytes)

Unfortunately, once again this was the extent of our display
since Chevrolet wouldn't permit our usual setup.
Donation jug and flyers under the wipers...

07_6812s.jpg (653842 bytes)
  07_6813s.jpg (1075488 bytes)

The Ron Fellows Edition Z06. They may have built 399 of them,
but this is #1 - Ron's own car!

07_6815s.jpg (657944 bytes)
  07_6818s.jpg (363686 bytes)

The supercharged Callaway that was displayed next to us.
07_6824s.jpg (660553 bytes)
  07_6825s.jpg (1398782 bytes)

The autograph lineup: L-R Drivers Oliver Gavin, Olivier Beretta,
Jan Magnussen, Johnny O'Connell.
NCM Chairman Buzz Nielsen standing guard.
07_6838s.jpg (565378 bytes)

Corvette Product Manager Harlan Charles,
with shoes to match the 2008 VIN #1 in the background.

07_6962s.jpg (744689 bytes)
  07_6820s.jpg (264597 bytes)

Spectacular underhood art, featuring the owner's Vettes.
07_6841s.jpg (775475 bytes)

Much to my surprise, when I checked into my room I found this!
No, I did NOT try it out!

07_6847s.jpg (398877 bytes)

Saturday July 7

Morning fog lifting at 8:08am arrival.
07_6850s.jpg (540778 bytes)

The Corvette Corral had a much larger turnout today.
07_6852s.jpg (635871 bytes)
  07_6853s.jpg (923752 bytes)  07_6854s.jpg (643728 bytes)
07_6864s.jpg (623760 bytes)  07_6865s.jpg (632256 bytes)

Contributor John Schieding found his name.
07_6870e.jpg (327024 bytes)
  07_6872e.jpg (340631 bytes)

The Porsche Corral.
07_6878s.jpg (437604 bytes)

And the Acura NSX Corral.
07_6880s.jpg (445817 bytes)

Views from the hill overlooking the esses.
07_6897s.jpg (753769 bytes) 07_6895s.jpg (664650 bytes) 07_6893s.jpg (738451 bytes) 07_6892s.jpg (808842 bytes)      

The Penske Porsche pits.
07_6900s.jpg (437090 bytes)

Self portrait in the door of one of the Pratt Miller trailers.
07_6903s.jpg (737413 bytes)

Michelin tech takes the temperature of the track surface.
07_6919s.jpg (437240 bytes)

A C6-R tire change: labeled, stacked & ready.
07_6920s.jpg (734693 bytes)

The Z06 pace car.
07_6921s.jpg (485119 bytes)

Lined up, ready to start morning practice session.
07_6924s.jpg (739017 bytes)

Lined up, for the race this time. For 15 minutes, the crowds can walk around the cars.
Flagbearer is Stacey Glynn, GM Area Sales Manager for northern New England.

07_6976s.jpg (672490 bytes)
  07_6975s.jpg (483220 bytes)  07_6979s.jpg (467759 bytes)
07_6980e.jpg (314390 bytes)  07_6983s.jpg (471255 bytes)

Crew chief for the #3 C6-R Dan Binks wets his whistle.
07_6988s.jpg (408585 bytes)

I then head for my favorite viewing spot on the hill across the track,
by the blue canopy visible under the center of the foot bridge.

07_6995s.jpg (438890 bytes)

The view from the other side.
07_6999s.jpg (665680 bytes)

The Corvettes ran like this for the entire race: 1-2 in class!
07_7014s.jpg (747863 bytes)
  07_7051s.jpg (689198 bytes)  07_7063s.jpg (455723 bytes)

#1 Audi recovers from a spin.
07_7046s.jpg (751636 bytes)

The engine of one of the Penske trucks that hauls his Porsche LMP2s!
07_7101s.jpg (430857 bytes)

Ever see a Mini panel before?
07_7102s.jpg (493313 bytes)

Leaving Lime Rock for overnight in Southington CT.

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