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National Corvette Museum
11th Anniversary Celebration & Hall of Fame
Bowling Green, KY
September 1-4, 2005


Tuesday, August 30

Oh-Dark-Thirty Four: Leaving my parents' house in Phila.

Arrival at Mallett's in Berea, OH for the (sort of) annual maintenance on the Vette.

Chuck hard at work.
This trip he replaced all 4 shocks, both belts, flushed the brakes, checked everything.

05_8812.jpg (169489 bytes)
  05_8826.jpg (171674 bytes)

He also autographed the fuel rail cover on the engine...
05_8819.jpg (211631 bytes)

...and The Fender! The Flames took all of 3 seconds - looked like he was scribbling!
05_8824.jpg (154390 bytes)  

Leaving for the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY...
and my date with hurricane Katrina.

As I neared Columbus (which would have been enjoying rush hour), the approaching
darkness, torrential rain and resultant greatly reduced visibility from the remnants
of Katrina prompted me to quit early, in Belleville, OH.

Wednesday, August 31

In the morning, it was still raining, but at least I could see
my way through the Columbus morning rush.

05_8837.jpg (82020 bytes)

By Cincinnati, the rain had stopped.
05_8841.jpg (81745 bytes)

By Louisville, KY, the sky was blue.
05_8845.jpg (106448 bytes)

Arrival in Bowling Green, KY at the Corvette Plant, where I dropped off
The Fender so Plant Manager Wil Cooksey could take it to his weekly
Staff Meeting for more autographs.

05_8868.jpg (129087 bytes)

Thursday, Sept. 1

Our setup for the next 3 days in The Atrium of the National Corvette Museum.
05_8889.jpg (154700 bytes)
  05_8893.jpg (202201 bytes)  05_8898.jpg (159667 bytes)

The Vette was parked out on the Circle, next to Chuck Mallett's display.
05_8915.jpg (130062 bytes)

Friday, Sept. 2

Upon arriving at the Museum, I couldn't resist shooting the incredibly realistic
airbrushed flames on this black C5.

05_8933.jpg (155514 bytes)
  05_8934.jpg (205976 bytes)  05_8935.jpg (209565 bytes)
05_8936.jpg (246857 bytes)  05_8937.jpg (155862 bytes)

I abandoned my table long enough to attend Lance Miller's tribute to his Dad, Chip.
05_8943.jpg (85200 bytes)
  05_8944.jpg (96542 bytes)

That afternoon, I went back over to the Corvette Plant to pick up The Fender.
While waiting in the lobby, I noticed my car on the security monitor
scanning the parking area outside!

05_8946.jpg (110861 bytes)

Wil Cooksey's assistant brought The Fender out to me, and I got these shots: under
Wil's photo in the lobby and outside by the Plant sign and the display Corvette,
which happened to be the same color!

05_8947.jpg (304158 bytes)  05_8956.jpg (185956 bytes)  05_8954.jpg (343935 bytes)

Back at my display in the Museum, John Spencer dropped by to visit. He's the
project manager in the Plant who sent The Fenders to us for our fundraising
Thank you, John!
(Yes, he signed it too)
05_8957.jpg (460285 bytes)

The Hall of Fame Induction Banquet. Here Retired Corvette Chief Engineer
Dave McLellan reads Corvettes@Carlisle co-founder Chip Miller's induction
declaration as Board Chairman Larry Martin and Chip's son
Lance and widow Judy look on.
05_8961.jpg (81977 bytes)
  fri-27.jpg (38499 bytes)



(Click image for link to the story)


OK, back to work!

That afternoon, new Hall of Fame honoree Randy Whittine stopped
by to autograph my banner, the fender and the R-C C6.

05_8980.jpg (202882 bytes)

Lifetime Members' Dinner and Auction

Here we line up for a caravan to Museum Director Wendell Strode's home.
05_8984.jpg (112081 bytes)

Not far from our destination, we disrupted a dove hunting party. Hey, it's Kentucky!
05_8998.jpg (133621 bytes)  05_8999.jpg (128243 bytes)

The dinner was great, and Wendell graciously allowed me to put THE FENDER in
the Auction, even though it was not to benefit the Museum. Unfortunately, bidding
stalled at about $900, so I thanked everybody for the support, but withdrew
it from further bidding. I knew I could get a lot more than that.

05_9007.jpg (224545 bytes)
  05_9008.jpg (232883 bytes)
05_9018.jpg (222844 bytes)  05_9020.jpg (180510 bytes)

Sunday, Sept. 4

After packing the car for the trip home, I visited Sandy's brick on the front walk.
05_9037.jpg (331013 bytes)

On the road again.

A quick stop across the street to thank Art for his help and insight!
He has a lot of cool cars:
05_9048.jpg (149061 bytes)

This must be Lexington, KY!
05_9051.jpg (92504 bytes)

Monday, Sept 5

Overnight at a really crappy Super 8 motel in Carlisle, PA, then home.
The trip figures below are since the computer reset during the testing for
the column lock problem, not for the round trip.



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