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George R. Brown Convention Center
March 20-21, 2010

This was my first time at this event, the 32nd Annual Corvette-Chevy Expo. Now that I'm in Alabama instead of Maine, Corvette shows in vast new areas of this great country are within reach. Many thanks to Bonnie and Bill Wolf and Vette Vues Magazine for inviting me and providing the floor space. As a result, we were able to send $505.00 to the American Cancer Society's Houston office.

Thursday, March 18

Departure from Decatur, 9:55 am

Spent the night in Beaumont TX, about 90 miles East of Houston.
(MUCH cheaper there!)

Friday, March 19

We're here: that's downtown Houston.
10_8687.jpg (78799 bytes)

Kind of tight quarters, but we managed. Vette is 6" from the wall, and there's barely room to squeeze between the car and the table. Opening the door enough to get in was not an option. I left the window down to allow access.

10_8689.jpg (141730 bytes)

After completing the setup, I hauled my bags & laptop to the Hilton across the street.

Saturday, March 20

The show opened to the public at 10 both Saturday & Sunday. We were distributing
cancer information, selling Corvettes Conquer Cancer wrist bands and
50/50 tickets to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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Some sights around the show that I was able to see before the doors opened:

One of the more spectacular examples of air-brush work on display.
10_8713.jpg (146860 bytes)
  10_8716.jpg (154437 bytes)

10_8818.jpg (153030 bytes)
  10_8819.jpg (149466 bytes)

10_8717.jpg (168298 bytes)  10_8718.jpg (145721 bytes)

No comment...
10_8900.jpg (167333 bytes)
  10_8752.jpg (129276 bytes)

Hennessey had several "tuned" Camaros on display. This LS9 version caught my eye.
Yes, the ZR1 supercharged engine. Check the ID plate under the hood.

10_8782.jpg (133951 bytes)
  10_8789.jpg (166621 bytes)  10_8791.jpg (142698 bytes)

10_8855.jpg (158825 bytes)  10_8857.jpg (123714 bytes)

Photographer/author Jerry Heasley making the rounds.
10_8879.jpg (154748 bytes)

Some views of the surroundings:

The Hilton from inside the GRB Convention Center; GRB entrance;
the Hilton from GRB entrance.

10_8942.jpg (137962 bytes)
      10_8841.jpg (158307 bytes)      10_8851.jpg (192743 bytes)

The view from my Hilton room; GRB from the Hilton.
10_8963.jpg (164419 bytes)  10-VBC.jpg (125159 bytes)

Sunday, March 21

Matt Kokolis from the booth next to us (Glassworks Hardtop Shop)
christens our new underhood insulator

10_8967.jpg (99758 bytes)
  10_8975.jpg (60461 bytes)
by Advanced Design Coatings for a $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.

10_8520.jpg (195417 bytes)
  10_8522.jpg (127175 bytes)  10_8524.jpg (117197 bytes)

Sunday, March 21, 4:00pm
The 50/50 drawing!

The pot was $790.00, so the winner's share was $395.00
with the other half to the American Cancer Society.

And the winner is...

Harold Steptoe of Houston!
Harold gave back $95 to ACS, so the total for ACS from the 50/50 was $490.00.

That's Harold's beautiful black C3 on the left behind the club sign.
10_8913.jpg (160746 bytes)

To the 50/50 total we add Matt's $25.00 for a total of $515.00 for the ACS Houston office.

The show closed to the public at 6:00. After packing the display back into the C6, it was back to Beaumont for the night.

Monday, March 22

The Mercedes Benz plant on I-20 East of Tuscaloosa AL.
10_8996.jpg (72331 bytes)

The final stats: 
(That's 1552 miles)

Thank you Bonnie & Bill, Matt, Harold and all who
bought 50/50 tickets for helping us continue this mission!


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