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Hot Springs National Park, AR
April 15-17, 2010

New this year! I was invited while at the 
Panama City Beach Caravan the week before.

Friday, April 16

Departure from Decatur AL, 7:39am.

First location: The Transportation Depot in Hot Springs.
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Friday night's dinner at Mid-America Science Museum.
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Saturday, April 17

The show at Summit Arena.
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Terry Wallace (l) and Judi Loe (r) add their autographs to the underside of the hood for their $25 donation to the American Cancer Society. Terry is an ACS volunteer who chairs the local Relay for Life, beneficiary of this event. The 50/50 that we did at the show generated $370, plus the $50 from these two made for a total of $420.00 to the Relay in addition to whatever the show produced.

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All packed up and heading out the door for the 400 mile trip home.
10_9761.jpg (103158 bytes)

Back home in under 6 hours...

Thanks to the Central Arkansas Corvette Club for inviting me
to this great event, and especially to Charlie Ward for
paying for my room at the Comfort Suites!


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