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Sloan Convention Center
Bowling Green, KY
July 14-16, 2011

Many thanks to Joe and Vera Pruitt for inviting us back to this great event!
We were able to send
$235.00 to the American Cancer Society's Bowling Green office.

Thursday, July 14

On the road again...
  11_4791.jpg (105870 bytes)

Setup in front lobby of Sloan Convention Center.
11_4793.jpg (187022 bytes)
  11_4794.jpg (189926 bytes)  11_4795.jpg (170888 bytes)  11_4796.jpg (183373 bytes)

The Vette out front.
11_4798.jpg (174564 bytes)
  11_4803.jpg (239213 bytes)  11_4805.jpg (254937 bytes)  11_4806.jpg (184150 bytes)

Andy Roderick's fantastic dioramas.
11_4811.jpg (263869 bytes)
  11_4818.jpg (180885 bytes)

Bill Herron... from last year.
11_4829.jpg (193170 bytes)
  11_4830.jpg (153002 bytes)

NCH Grand Marshall, Lance Miller becomes Kentucky Colonel
and gets Key to the City from KY Secretary of State.

11_0026.jpg (120709 bytes)

Friday, July 15

New spot for the car.
11_4832.jpg (206293 bytes)

On display, from 1981: The First Vette off the Bowling Green line (w/14 miles!) and Last one off the St. Louis line (w/8 miles!).
11_4844.jpg (162822 bytes)
       11_4848.jpg (203433 bytes)       11_4846.jpg (147610 bytes)

More sights...
11_4863.jpg (209701 bytes)
  11_4866.jpg (184500 bytes)  11_4870.jpg (243945 bytes)

The fabulous Cunningham #3 1960, subject of "The Quest", brought by Lance Miller.
11_4873.jpg (214936 bytes)
 11_4875.jpg (193826 bytes) 11_4876.jpg (178200 bytes) 11_4877.jpg (147963 bytes) 11_4880.jpg (170044 bytes)

Video of my ride in #3, Labor Day weekend last year!
My Ride.jpg (100690 bytes)

Jacob minding Andy's booth while he went to lunch. He's the son of the lady
in the booth next to mine.
(Note that he's wearing one of my Corvettes Conquer Cancer wristbands)
11_4884.jpg (192588 bytes)
  11_4885.jpg (219020 bytes)

The Homecoming Parade.
11_4919.jpg (223314 bytes)
  11_4922.jpg (162413 bytes)  11_4928.jpg (119544 bytes)  11_4929.jpg (135046 bytes)  11_4935.jpg (89325 bytes)
11_4939.jpg (178170 bytes)  11_4940.jpg (142758 bytes)  11_4950.jpg (189790 bytes)  11_4953.jpg (180560 bytes)

Saturday, July 16

Changes at the booth today:

Doug Caldwell gave me a couple boxes of Corvette literature
and promo models, to sell for donations.

11_4966.jpg (190858 bytes)

Pam Whinnery was there selling her "Celebrity Cookbooks", donating 1/2 the
sale price to the American Cancer Society. She sold 16 books, donating $160.
She got to sign the hood!

11_4967.jpg (203652 bytes)
  11_4969.jpg (192269 bytes)  11_4978.jpg (239597 bytes)  11_4980.jpg (229001 bytes)

Bobby Guthrey also signed the hood for his $25 donation to ACS.
11_4975.jpg (238786 bytes)

Views from my window at the Holiday Inn: Love the Stars & Stripes water tower!
11_4982.jpg (209046 bytes)
  11_4984.jpg (113975 bytes)

Sights at the Cruise Night Saturday evening in the Sloan Convention Center parking lot.
11_4985.jpg (145598 bytes)
  11_4991.jpg (125038 bytes)  11_4992.jpg (187893 bytes)
11_4999.jpg (120809 bytes)  11_5002.jpg (139244 bytes)  11_5011.jpg (92698 bytes)

While at the Cruise Night, 2 more people signed the hood
for their $25 donation to the American Cancer Society!

11_5017.jpg (130106 bytes)
  11_5018.jpg (119003 bytes)

Sunday, July 17

Back home, after a quick stop at the National Corvette Museum.
    11_5049.jpg (114666 bytes)


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