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30th Annual

July 16-18, 2010

(New this year!)

Many thanks to Joe & Vera Pruitt for the invitation
and hospitality for this great weekend!

Friday, July 16

Departing Decatur @ 7:16 am (hey, on 7/16!)

Nashville skyline.
10_0021.jpg (111434 bytes)

Set up in the lobby of the Sloan Convention Center, the Vette right outside the entrance.
10_0027a.jpg (189119 bytes)
  10_0029.jpg (181790 bytes)  10_0030.jpg (204719 bytes)  10_0032.jpg (179297 bytes)

Some cars that caught my eye inside the judging hall:

Spectacular paint!
10_0043.jpg (162329 bytes)

Love those high-mileage cars: original owner '60, with 248,000 miles!

10_0044a.jpg (171590 bytes)  10_0046.jpg (262674 bytes)

Great airbrush art!
10_0051.jpg (188655 bytes)

Memories of our first Vette, except for the knockoffs and ours was Powerglide.
10_0052.jpg (193545 bytes)
  10_0053.jpg (191360 bytes)

Heavy mid-afternoon shower gave everything a good rinse.
10_0056.jpg (199552 bytes)

The view from my room at the adjoining Holiday Inn.
10_0058.jpg (192947 bytes)

Homecoming Grand Marshall, Retired GM VP Joe Spielman,
is presented with the Key to the City by Bowling Green Mayor Elaine Walker.

10_0061.jpg (133767 bytes)

I enjoyed several beers with Joe & his son, Brian, after the "Meet & Greet".
Brian got to hear some of Dad's wilder Corvette "adventures"... for the first time!

The party moved to the parking lot.
10_0073.jpg (173787 bytes)


Saturday, July 17

Closer view of our display in the COLD lobby.
(I learned from from yesterday - today I ditched the shorts
& T-shirt for jeans and a polo, over a T-shirt!)

10_0080.jpg (221309 bytes)
  10_0081.jpg (196886 bytes)

It was so cold in the lobby that my glasses instantly fogged up
stepping out the door into the high humidity. That wasn't all that
fogged up, with this interesting effect:

10_0086.jpg (74508 bytes)
It took nearly 5 minutes for the lens to clear!

10_0089.jpg (168248 bytes)
This is Joe Spielman's new Grand Sport that he walked off
the production line yesterday. This is his 38th Vette!

The parking lot show was packed.
10_0090.jpg (174607 bytes)
  10_0094.jpg (183726 bytes)

The lobby was busy as well.
10_0097.jpg (180951 bytes)

Joe Spielman (and son, Brian, in ball cap) mingle with owners, and pose for photos.
10_0101.jpg (166634 bytes)
  10_0104.jpg (202035 bytes)  10_0105.jpg (197979 bytes)

The plant had 2 new Vettes on display.

Plant Manager, Bob Parcell, autographs my fuel rail cover.
10_0109.jpg (209339 bytes)

Parcell and Engineer Eric Millette applaud as Steve Grilli
talks about the new features on the 2011 Vettes.

10_0112.jpg (200283 bytes)

Beautiful 62. Love those wheels!
10_0117a.jpg (236180 bytes)

The Road Tour.
10_0119.jpg (182476 bytes)
 10_0128.jpg (185527 bytes) 10_0134.jpg (156806 bytes) 10_0136.jpg (163131 bytes) 10_0148.jpg (173503 bytes)

Joe & Eric admire Joe's newest. (He currently has 8 Vettes.)
10_0157.jpg (204632 bytes)

Sunday, July 18

Packed & ready for the sub 3 hour ride home.
10_0176.jpg (223059 bytes)

Final stats.


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