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NCRS - Great friends, great cars

2003 Convention Hershey Pennsylvainia


NCRS National Convention
Hershey, PA
July 13-17, 2003

Sunday, July 13

Leaving my parents' home in Philadelphia for the 92 mile trip to Hershey. I took the
opportunity to spend some time with them, so I made the daily commute. They are 94
and 86, and still live in the same house they bought in 1942 when I was 3 months old!

DCP_2739s.jpg (52447 bytes)

On the way: Typical Pennsylvania farm country.
DCP_2742s.jpg (76506 bytes)
  DCP_2744s.jpg (69240 bytes)  DCP_2902s.jpg (41577 bytes)

Arrival at Hershey Lodge.
DCP_2748s.jpg (65880 bytes)

The Caravan arrives from Cumberland, MD overnight stop.
DCP_2754s.jpg (83228 bytes)
  DCP_2756s.jpg (108313 bytes)  DCP_2757s.jpg (78771 bytes) 
My "office" for the next 5 days.
DCP_2760s.jpg (80607 bytes)

I couldn't resist taking this photo: this guy is a SERIOUS NCRS fan!
DCP_2769s.jpg (64036 bytes)


Monday, July 14

Arrival at the Convention Center found lots of car covers.
DCP_2793s.jpg (69875 bytes)

The Flight Judging room through the doors behind my table is beginning to fill up.
DCP_2804s.jpg (94268 bytes)

The Franklin Mint table next to me was busy the entire week. They have offered
to donate one of their fabulous Corvette die-cast models for us to raffle at Carlisle.
Thank you, Dave Castellano!

DCP_2882s.jpg (89704 bytes)

The Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5 shared the front apron of the Convention Center
with Chip & Judy Miller's "Numbers Matching" pair, a 1953 and a 2003
Anniversary Edition, both with the same VIN: #181
DCP_2805s.jpg (104796 bytes)
DCP_2807s.jpg (83856 bytes) DCP_2778s.jpg (84978 bytes)
DCP_2779s.jpg (90687 bytes) DCP_2808s.jpg (75805 bytes) DCP_2812s.jpg (86672 bytes)

Judging areas.
DCP_2830s.jpg (93034 bytes)
DCP_2835s.jpg (92546 bytes) DCP_2848s.jpg (79751 bytes)

The 1953 Motorama Corvette: EX-122 was on display, now owned by
Kerbeck of Atlantic City. Click photo below for link to a series of
photos of the unique details of this car.

DCP_2850s.jpg (97963 bytes)

Outside, the transporter for EX-122.
DCP_2927s.jpg (67019 bytes)

Seen at one of the vendors down the hall from me:
this incredibly detailed diorama of a very busy Corvette Garage.

DCP_2893s.jpg (119368 bytes)
  DCP_2894s.jpg (124247 bytes)
DCP_2895s.jpg (121198 bytes)
  DCP_2896s.jpg (96596 bytes)
DCP_2897s.jpg (100039 bytes)


Seen along the PA Turnpike
on the way to Hershey one morning.

DCP_2943s.jpg (27306 bytes)

Thursday, 7/17

Time to head for home.
DCP_2959s.jpg (45764 bytes)

Farewell to the Hershey Lodge.
DCP_2962s.jpg (69578 bytes)

The nearby Hershey Park.
DCP_2968s.jpg (81069 bytes)

Back home in Maine.
DCP_2971s.jpg (28250 bytes)
  DCP_2973s.jpg (30154 bytes)

The week in Hershey was good for us.

We were able to send the American Cancer Society office that serves
the Harrisburg/Hershey area a total of

THANK YOU to NCRS for this opportunity!


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