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Corvettes United
30th Show N' Shine
Hebert's Candy Mansion; Shrewsbury, MA

Sunday September 23, 2007

A misty start at home.
07_1824s.jpg (173587 bytes)


Some of the sights.
07_1827s.jpg (426455 bytes)
  07_1829s.jpg (444911 bytes)
07_1848s.jpg (519757 bytes)  07_1854s.jpg (443782 bytes)  07_1859s.jpg (416411 bytes)

Kevin waves, wearing one of our
Corvettes Conquer Cancer wrist bands

07_1857s.jpg (166009 bytes)

An unusual group of Ruby Reds.
07_1884s.jpg (424967 bytes)

Final stats back in Maine.
07_1890s.jpg (204506 bytes) 


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